13 Reasons Why Teaser Announces Season 2 Release Date

Netflix dropped a teaser for 13 Reasons Why announcing the season 2 premiere date. Fans of the controversial teen drama now have a premiere date, and a new technology to look forward to. The first season famously relied on a series of cassette tapes to propel the narrative. This season will rely on a series of compromising polaroids to uncover a dangerous school secret as various characters fight to reveal (or hide) the truth behind Hannah Baker's death.

13 Reasons Why was riddled with controversy from the start. Some viewers felt it was a necessary discussion on the troubles young people face, from sexual assault to mental health issues and suicide. Others accused Netflix of glorifying and romanticizing these issues, perhaps causing fans to consider suicide as a viable option where they wouldn't have before viewing the show's heavy subject matter. There was backlash as parents of suffering children pleaded with Netflix to take the show down and those with mental health issues accused the streaming site of triggering unsuspecting viewers. But in spite of the controversy, or maybe because of it, 13 Reasons Why became the top-trending series of 2017. So, naturally, there's going to be a second season.

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Netflix revealed the 13 Reasons Why season 2 premiere date in an announcement teaser today. The short clip, posted above, depicts several popular characters, including Tony Padilla, Jessica Davis, and Clay Jensen, being bombarded with threats of silence and a whirlwind of seemingly revealing polaroids before the May 18 release date is revealed. The characters seem to be normal teenagers going about their daily routines, but the photos unveil the darkness underneath. Showrunners promised a new retro technology would take center stage in season 2, leaving fans to wonder what would replace Hannah's iconic cassette tapes. It seems we now have the answer. Check out the full video above.

Though the 13 Reasons Why teaser is short and depicts still-life scenes of the teen characters, it is still clear that the heavy themes will remain present throughout season 2. Jessica is shown happily playing with her phone, while a polaroid shows she is secretly crying inside. Jessica was a victim of sexual assault in season 1. Bryce Walker is shown lounging at a party with friends, while his photo shows a partygoer passed out next to him, indicating his status as a violent and dangerous abuser. Despite the controversy and backlash sparked by season 1, Netflix doesn't look to be pulling its punches with this upcoming season.

To combat the heavy subject material, Netflix rolled trigger warnings before relevant episodes and urged viewers to seek help from hotlines in season 1. The streaming company will be doubling its efforts to shield vulnerable viewers from the traumatic events that take place in the series in season 2. Via the official website, discussion guides and videos featuring the cast exploring the matters of bullying, drug abuse, and sexual assault will be available to those in need.

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13 Reasons Why season 2 will premiere Friday, May 18 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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