Who Is 13 Reasons Why Season 2's New Narrator?

Tony 13 Reasons why

Tony Padilla

Tony was something of an enigma in 13 Reasons Why, but that didn't stop viewers taking a strong liking to him. He easily became one of the most popular characters, based mainly on the fact that he was a continual voice of reason in a world of chaos and misunderstanding. We know Hannah trusted Tony enough to leave her tapes in his care; she knew that he would take his responsibility seriously and ensure that the tapes were passed along. Tony also had a darker side, though. Clay saw him fighting, and he's also deliberately elusive when the subject of his family is raised. We're also in the dark as to how he and Hannah became so close.

To make Tony the narrator in season 2 would be an obvious choice, but not necessarily a bad one. It would certainly be interesting to hear Hannah's story from his perspective, since he seems to be everywhere at all times. But Tony is not, as far as we know, involved with other characters who all have major issues as we enter season 2, and so it would be hard to see how the writers could work those two narratives together.

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Alex Standall

Alex featured heavily in Hannah's story, and was the subject of one of her tapes, Alex had been a close friend of hers, along with Jessica. He then began dating Jessica, which led to tension between her and Hannah and, when Jessica refused to have sex with him, Alex listed Hannah as having a 'nice ass.' The list got spread around school, and Jessica took this to mean Alex had slept with Hannah behind his back. During season 1, we watched Alex attempt to integrate into Bryce's 'jock' gang, but he never really found his place there. Clearly struggling, at the end of the season Alex was rushed to hospital having been shot - and we're led to assume it was a failed suicide attempt.

If Hannah can narrate season 1 from beyond the grave, then surely Alex could narrate season 2 from a coma? This would give viewers an insight into the mindset of someone battling mental health issues including depression, and an insight into why he tried to end his life. It would also give Hannah's story from another standpoint, as well as showing us the repercussions of her parents' lawsuit against the school and the depositions that were served on some of the students. However, Alex as the narrator would also be a similar choice to Hannah in season 1.

Tyler Down

Tyler was also the subject of one of Hannah's tapes. He stalked her and Courtney, took photos of them kissing and spread them around school. Although no one discovered who was in the pictures, the emotional damage was done to both girls, and Hannah lost yet another friend. As it turned out, Tyler, a social misfit who struggled to know how to interact, liked Hannah and asked her to hang out, but she laughed in his face. As an act of revenge against Tyler, Clay took a naked photo of him and spread it around, while other students had thrown rocks at his bedroom window. For as much as he tried to be a part of the group, Tyler was constantly dismissed as a weirdo with a camera who stalked people. At the end of season 1, he was heading into school with a backpack full of guns, seemingly planning a school shooting.

Rumors are circulating that 13 Reasons Why did have a school shooting in it, but given the recent Parkland shooting, the show has now been reedited to leave it out. It remains to be seen exactly what Tyler was planning, and whether he went through with it, but it would give a very different angle to season 2 if the story was told from his perspective. Why did he feel like that was the only option? How has he dealt with the constant rejection from his peers? Is this the only way he felt people would finally listen? How did Hannah and Clay's actions affect someone who was already emotionally vulnerable? There are so many questions regarding Tyler- including how he viewed Hannah, and viewers will be wanting answers.

13 Reasons Why season one focused on old fashioned tapes to tell Hannah's story, and with Tyler as the narrator, it could be his photographs - painstakingly hand-developed in an old-school dark room - that could tell his. Fans will recall how Tyler had photos of various students hanging up in the dark room, and he took a photo of Alex down. We have yet to learn the significance of that. Did he decide Alex would be spared from his rampage for some reason? Or was Tyler actually the one to shoot Alex, and the taking down of his picture was representative of his attempted murder? While there are many possible candidates for the role of narrator in 13 Reasons Why season 2, Tyler Down would definitely be the most compelling.

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13 Reasons Why is available for streaming now on Netflix. Season 2 will arrive sometime in 2018.

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