Who Is 13 Reasons Why Season 2's New Narrator?

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13 Reasons Why season 2 doesn't have a release date yet, and neither do we have confirmation of who the show's new narrator is. Season 1 arrived over a year ago, and filming wrapped on the second run some time back. Amid rumors of re-edits and delayed release dates for 13 Reasons Why Season 2, the exact plot for the new episodes is still not totally clear.

We do know, however, that while the show will look at Hannah Baker's story from other angles, she will not be the main focus. Hannah was the narrator for season 1; the tapes that she recorded before committing suicide were the 13 reasons as to why she took her own life.

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This time, we know there will be a new narrator, and possibly another form of media used to continue the story, but who could it be? 13 Reasons Why season 2 needs to pick up with a lot of characters who are all struggling with their own issues. As hype for the series grows, we take a look at possible candidates for the narrator's role.

This Page: Jessica Davis, Clay Jensen or Bryce WalkerPage 2: Tony Padilla, Alex Standall or Tyler Down

Jessica Davis

At the end of 13 Reasons Why season 1, Jessica had just found enough courage to tell her dad about her rape ordeal. Throughout the course of the season, we watched a promising, popular cheerleader with good grades and college prospects slowly unravel. At times, through Hannah Baker's eyes, Jessica seemed cruel and cold-hearted, but the reality was that a group of jocks took her happiness as a sign she was up for anything. Bryce raped her, while she was unconscious, and when Justin revealed that fact to her, unsurprisingly Jessica couldn't cope.

Jessica would be an ideal narrator for season 2; it would give us a chance to follow her progress as she recovers from her ordeal and works through her issues with the help of her parents. We'd also get to hear more of how she viewed Hannah and their friendship, and how she felt, being perceived as a good time girl.

Clay Jensen

Throughout season 1, Clay was always the good guy with a conscience. He made mistakes, but overall was a likeable character and someone who was deeply affected by the death of Hannah - a girl he liked a lot, but for whom he never really found the courage to admit his feelings. Like many teenagers of his age, Clay was confused and conflicted, wanting to be with the 'in crowd' but also wanting to please his parents, work hard in school, and find himself a nice girlfriend.

Clay would be an obvious and rather safe choice as narrator for 13 Reasons Why's second season. In season 1, the character served as a good vehicle for the viewers to watch Hannah's story through the eyes of a regular teenager, but Clay doesn't really have a strong or compelling enough story for us to want to follow him more in season 2.

Bryce Walker

13 Reasons Why Season 1 Bryce Walker Justin Prentice

Bryce was the bully of season 1. The elite athlete, star of all the sports teams and adored by his peers, Bryce also had money, good looks, and power on his side. He also, sadly, assumed that meant he could do whatever he wanted and treat people however he chose, without consequence. Bryce aggressively bullied many people into doing things - whether it was getting Clay to drink beer, Justin to lie and say that he had sex with Hannah in a park, or raping both Jessica and Hannah, Bryce assumed he couldn't be touched.

Thankfully, Clay had a strong moral compass, and ended up taping a confession from Bryce. With Hannah's tapes and Bryce's admission that he raped both girls, it seems that the jock won't be able to escape some kind of repercussion now. It would be interesting to have Bryce as the narrator of 13 Reasons Why, but it would be a very difficult angle for the writers to take. It's hard to elicit any kind of sympathy for a character like that, and after the huge controversy surrounding season one, it would be an unnecessarily antagonistic choice for the show to make a rapist the main storyteller of season 2.

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