13 Reasons Why Characters Sorted into Their Hogwarts Houses

The third season of this hit Netflix drama, 13 Reasons Why, just came out, and it's safe to say we're still in love with every single one of these dynamic characters.

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For Harry Potter fans out there (which is all of you), have you ever wondered which Hogwarts House these interesting characters would get sorted into? Well, you no longer have to wonder, because we did it for you. Here are 10 of the main characters and what house the sorting hat decided was their destiny.

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10 Hannah Baker: Gryffindor

Hear us out for this one, as it was pretty hard to perfectly place Hannah into a house. However, we chose this one, because she has a lot of reckless and daring attributes.

She is actually surprisingly brave, and she's incredibly smart. Brave, reckless, and smart kind of sum up Hannah, don't they? Well, they also sum up this infamous house. You can say what you want about this misunderstood gal, but she is definitely a fighter.

9 Alex Standall: Hufflepuff

Alex was a character that was also difficult to place. However, maybe to your surprise, the Harry Potter gods decided on Hufflepuff. Why? Well, Alex is actually an incredibly loyal, caring, and compassionate individual. We almost placed him in Slytherin, but he doesn't have the cunning personality or self-preservation.

That being said, we're pretty satisfied with placing this complex and beloved character with the other loyal, protective, and caring wizards.

8 Bryce Walker: Slytherin

We had to include Bryce, right? Well, not just because he's the villain of this show, but because he's a pretty perfect Slytherin. He's incredibly ambitious, cunning, and has an incredible sense of self-preservation.

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He also has a surprising amount of close relationships. This pretty perfectly encompasses what a Slytherin is, and at the same time is pretty on point with who Bryce is as a character.

7 Jessica Davis: Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw is the house of intelligence. Jessica is the voice of reason in many instances of this show, even if you haven't noticed. She's not the loudest person in the room, but she still has strong opinions and is always thinking about every decision she makes.

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Jessica has ambition and intelligence, and that pretty much sums up her position in this house. Jessica is also a character that deserves a way better hand than she was dealt.

6 Tyler Down: Ravenclaw

We're going to be honest, Tyler was one of the hardest characters to sort into their respective house. However, the sorting hat settled on Ravenclaw pretty confidently. Like Jessica, Tyler definitely analyzes and thinks about everything going on around him and everything he's about to do.

He is also soft-spoken, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his own goals or opinions. In fact, he's shown us a pretty decent demonstration of ambition and intelligence, regardless of where he places it.

5 Tony Padilla, Slytherin

Tony is one of the most level-headed characters in this entire show (when he isn't in a burst of anger). He's the voice of reason, and is most definitely the best problem solver. We almost placed Tony into Ravenclaw, but we felt more confident sticking with Slytherin. Tony is definitely ambitious, cunning, and incredibly strong-willed.

However, he also knows when it's time to take a step back (unlike our fellow Gryffindors). With all things considered, Tony is a pretty compassionate, but can often get mixed up in bad things, fitting pretty well with Slytherin.

4 Justin Foley, Hufflepuff

Justin was another character that was actually pretty difficult to place. It's not that he doesn't have redeeming qualities, it's because he's a complicated and compassionate character. So let us explain our decision. Justin is the most loyal character in this entire show. He's also protective, caring, and totally fair and warm-hearted.

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Justin is misunderstood in a lot of ways, and he definitely has his baggage, but we think he deserves more credit for his incredible heart.

3 Zach Dempsey: Hufflepuff

Zach could fit into a few houses, but we're satisfied with also sorting him into Hufflepuff. Why, you ask? Well, Zach also wears his heart on his sleeve, and he is incredibly loyal and kind. He's also the most hard-working character in this entire series, which is characteristic of a Hufflepuff.

He's also chivalrous and intelligent, and that pretty much sums up this house, too. We love you, Zach, and you deserve the best.

2 Ryan Shaver: Slytherin

Ryan is that character that always puts a smile on our face. Well, he's also pretty complex. Ryan is both incredibly caring and deceitfully cunning. What better house than Slytherin, right? Ryan might just be the most ambitious out of all of the characters, and he's also very obsessed with his own self-preservation.

He's strong-willed, determined, and definitely has everyone wrapped around his finger. There isn't really a doubt in our minds that he fits into this house, and he is definitely one of our favorite Slytherins.

1 Clay Jensen: Gryffindor

Clay is the only other Gryffindor on this list. Honestly, we think it's pretty obvious why. Clay is courageous and brave, which is respectable, but often, this courage can definitely be seen as downright stupid. He's daring, and he will definitely do whatever is in his power to do the right thing. He's smart, reckless, and definitely has bravery spurting out of every inch of his soul. Clay actually perfectly falls into this house, even if not everything he does is the smartest choice.

Honestly, each of these characters is pretty dynamic and complicated, and we're not sure any of them would last in Hogwarts, but we still love every interesting part of them. While we couldn't include every character in this list, we're sure you have some pretty good ideas of where they'd fall. You might want to ask yourself which characters you'd be living in Hogwarts with.

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