13 Things We Need To See In The Wonder Woman Movie

Wonder Woman is the quintessential leading lady superhero; she's synonymous with strength, courage, and unbreakable will, while still possessing a gentle kindness. Nearly 75 years after her creation, she's finally getting a major motion picture. Gal Gadot received good reviews for her turn as the Amazonian princess in Batman V Superman, and we can't wait to see what she can do on her own.

What will it take to make this film a success? Given the divisive reactions to both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, DC might have to make some tough decisions. We list out our thoughts on what will truly make the upcoming Wonder Woman movie special: here's 13 Things We Need To See In The Wonder Woman Movie.

13 A Strong Supporting Cast

A movie can't focus on just one character. Yes, the protagonist can lead it, and be the driving force behind nearly every event, but only on rare occasions do the supporting cast not matter. Wonder Woman is going to need a strong supporting cast.

We know that Hippolyta and Steve Trevor will be in the film, but there needs to be more WW side characters to make the film work as a whole. Even with the possibility we'll only see them once, these supporting characters need to stand out. What about the other Amazons? What are they like?

We know from Batman V Superman that she'll join some sort of unit in WWI, alongside Steve Trevor. There was a photo of her with Trevor and three other men in BVS.  Who were they? Why did they matter enough to be in that photo? What do they mean to Diana? Let's find out.

12 A Consistent Power Level

Wonder Woman is, in fact, one of the strongest characters in the DC Comics universe. Depending on your interpretation, or which version you're reading, she's either a clay-born Amazon with incredible combat skills and enhanced strength, or, she's a demigod with naturally enhanced strength. Either way, Wonder Woman is a tough cookie.

She has battled gods both literal and personified; she has gone toe-to-toe with Superman and lived, multiple times. In fact, in one instance, she actually said she was a better fighter than Superman, and Batman backed her up on that. She even trained Superman in hand-to-hand combat. Wonder Woman has fought Darkseid, Mongul, hordes of Parademons, and even Doomsday. To say the least, she is a resilient fighter.

This needs to be shown throughout the film. In fact, you could argue that her strength needs to be held back at times, so that she doesn't accidentally kill enemy soldiers when she only sought to knock them out. At other times, though? We want to see her let loose.

11 Respect For The Mythology

Regardless of which version you're seeing, Wonder Woman has a deep mythology, as she's tied to the Greek Gods in many ways, even being a daughter of Zeus in the New 52. Just the mythology of Themyscira itself is worth noting, as some have depicted it to be a gateway to the underworld, among other things.

While we know the majority of the film will likely be in the "world of man", and there has been no confirmation of the Greek Gods playing a part as of yet, that doesn't mean we need to hold back from these references. Whether it be Hippolyta warning Diana of the "wrath of Zeus if she interferes" or even pulling a Justice League cartoon reference and having Diana asking the gods for strength, we need to see that in this world, these gods exist.

10 A Clear Origin Story

Wonder Woman's origin is one that can slot into any time period in our world. She was born on an island far away from the world of man, and only entered ours after meeting Steve Trevor.

However, in the case of the solo movie, her departure occurs during World War I. This is very curious, and means that by the time we see her in Batman V Superman, she's been hanging out in our world for more or less a hundred years. Tthe writers need to give us a reason why they're putting this origin story so far back in time. This goes double considering Steve Trevor has long been her love interest in the present day. Since he won't be alive in the present of the DCEU, there needs to be a significant reason we're going to that era.

9 A Clash of Cultures

For Diana to leave her island, Steve Trevor has to crash on it. While this could easily be done with him washing up on the shores of Themyscira, we think a more action-filled approach is needed.

If nothing else, show that it was a true struggle to just survive long enough to make it to Themyscira. For example, he could be in a dogfight with an enemy pilot, get shot down, try and swim to safety on an island he thinks he sees, then nearly drowns.

Then of course, once he's there, there needs to be a true sense of how different Themyscira is from the world we know. Men are not allowed on that island, and the things Trevor does or says will likely be very unlike what the Amazons do. This needs to be shown, mainly because it's Diana's curiosity of Steve and of the world of man that gets her off the island. The culture shock for Diana and Steve needs to be powerful.

8 Make Steve Trevor Worthy

Steve Trevor is a curious character in the comics, he's either incredibly competent, or the male version of Lois Lane. Now given this film will take place in WWI, he likely won't be a black ops epic soldier like he is in the New 52, where he worked as a liaison to the Justice League and even A.R.G.U.S. However, that doesn't mean he should be incompetent.

Not only would that be a sad misrepresentation of a classic character for a modern film, it would be a waste of the talents of Chris Pine, the actor who will play Steve Trevor. Trevor needs to come off as worthy in numerous ways. Yes, he can be charming, but he needs to impress Diana in more ways than that for her to believably want to leave her home to save the world. Show that he too cares about the planet, and is willing to die for it. That there are people that need his help, and he needs to go back to them. That speaks to the true nature of Wonder Woman, and could easily be the spark for their relationship, not to mention the plot of the story.

7 A Different Kind Of War Story

It would be very easy to simply have Wonder Woman go into World War I and just have her wreak havoc. She certainly has the power to tip the scales in the Allies' favor. Yet, that's not exactly superhero movie stuff. Something has to be going on behind the scenes other than WWI to make this work in the scale people are thinking of.

After all, we didn't have Wonder Woman in the real World World I, and the good guys were victorious. So why should that change here? If there was an outside force however, one that tied into Wonder Woman and her mythology, things would change dramatically. Maybe a god is influencing events? Ares, perhaps?

6 A Focus On Relationships

Wonder Woman will have to interact with several people throughout the film - Steve Trevor; her mother, Hyppolyta; other Amazons; soldiers. The film will live or die around these relationships; it doesn't need to be cheesy, but it does need to be pure.

For Hippolyta, she just wants what's best for her daughter, and she believes that's her staying on the island. Diana disagrees, as she has not given up on the outside world like her mother has. This, of course, will be a contrast to her stance in Batman V Superman, but that's the point here. Not only that, but if future Wonder Woman movies are made, the events of this first film should affect her relationships.

Then there's Steve Trevor. As already stated, they are usually an item in the comics. While we don't need a full on love story here, we should see the tension between them. Again, these are two entirely different people. Diana should be curious about Steve and the other soldiers, and they in turn should be in awe of Diana in many ways.

5 Time Spent On Themyscira

As the home of the Amazons, and Diana, we know it's in the movie; they even teased a pic of her on the island with her mother and other Amazon warriors. There should be a decent amount of time spent on the island itself. Otherwise, it's just a throwaway set. One of the issues with Green Lantern was its use of the home base of the Lanterns, Oa. It only had a few small scenes, basically showing off the Lanterns and the Guardians, but nothing else, when really it's the most interesting part of the Green Lantern mythos.

The Wonder Woman movie needs to show what makes Themyscira special. The Queen of the Amazons, the setting, the culture; it all need to be in full view. This is Diana's home, and it needs to be shown that she loves her home, and even hesitates when it comes to leaving it. If she leaves too quickly, it won't be believable, and her connection to her family and home will be viewed as tenuous at best. This would not fit the character of Diana, who even as she wanders the world of man, often thinks of her home and her family she has left behind.

4 Epic Action

The movie is going to show the first time Diana fights in the world of men. She will very likely show off her brutality more than she would later in life (the Batman V Superman era). She'll love the action, but lack the finesse.

Furthermore, it should be a given that we see her with her sword, shield, and yes, the magic lasso. Seeing her fight gun-toting soldiers will no doubt be a highlight of the action sequences, as will her initial attempts to fight whole armies, likely on her own. This will become extra exciting if she has to face mortar fire, or even tanks, something she would never have seen on Themyscira. Wonder Woman needs to be able to show her talents and abilities, and the action sequences should do that in spades.

3 Set-Up For A Sequel

There is a rumor going around that the Wonder Woman sequels would lead up to the time period BVS and the other films are in. Many critics think this is a mistake. In fact, it could be seen as DC Comics and Warner Bros. dragging their heels so that Diana can just be in the present day during the Justice League movies.

Given her portrayal in BVS, and the very positive reaction from fans, it would be near foolish to not show this modern Diana in action. If anything, the ending of Batman V Superman is a tease unto itself of a modern Wonder Woman movie, and as it'd likely come after the Justice League films, there's plenty of time to transition her to the present in style without making fans wait two more movies.

This tease could be as simple as seeing a glimpse of the Greek pantheon in the modern day, or a famous Wonder Woman villain, say Cheetah for example, seeing her on TV during the battle with Doomsday. The smallest hints would go a long way.

2 The Evolution of Wonder Woman

As stated above, at the beginning of this movie, Diana won't be the legendary fighter we see in Batman V Superman. She has to earn that, and given the state she's in in BVS, her somber look on the world, the desire to get the picture back, etc., something had to make her that way.

Thus, we should see something in this film that leads to the version we see in Batman V Superman. It could be as simple as a montage, showing Diana walking through life as the world basically deteriorates before her eyes in wars and social destruction. This could include the death of Steve Trevor, and her desire to find new meaning when he is gone, and likely she can't go home, or want to go home. This sequence could go all the way up until she arrives at the Lex Luthor's party.

Character is always important, for Wonder Woman though, she has the rare opportunity to show her pure side first, before becoming a much more world-weary soul. Seeing how that comes to be could be very powerful. Not to mention a contrast to how Batman and Superman have been portrayed in their films in the DCEU.

1 Let Wonder Woman Be Wonder Woman

All that being said, there's a definite need for Diana to be pure Wonder Woman throughout the film. Never show her as a damsel, at any point. Show the love she has for the world. Geoff Johns even noted that to him, no one loves the world more in DC Comics than Diana. That should be shown as she tries to save the world from whatever threat gets her off that island.

Wonder Woman is a warrior, but she also desires peace above all else. She wants to save the world for all the right reasons, and isn't afraid to fight for them. Also, when she's in love, she wants nothing more than to love that person with all she's got.

Finally, as she enters the world of man, her curiosity should be on display, as he tries to comprehend the wonders of our world. Yes, she will be focused on saving the day, but even the subtle moments of her asking "what is this contraption?" is a callback to the character in the comics.

Wonder Woman is a timeless character, and one many people look up to. She is unwavering in her dedication, never afraid to do what is necessary to protect those she puts in her care. With this being her first major motion picture, it's important that they nail the personality and world of Wonder Woman. If they do a majority of what's on this list? They might just do that.

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