'11 11 11' Teaser Trailer Hints At Mysterious Horror

Trailer for Darren Lynn Bousman's 11 11 11 movie

Have you ever found yourself falling victim to unexplained phenomena that all seem to occur in connection with synchronous unions between the time and date? Probably not, but that's the concept behind 11 11 11, Saw franchise alumni Darren Lynn Bousman's upcoming supernatural horror-thriller.

Bousman is currently in the midst of principal photography on the number-oriented scarefest overseas in Barcelona, but he still took the time to unveil a teaser trailer and help pique everyone's interest in the film.

11 11 11 is based off the 11:11 movement, a numerological belief that events which occur in connection with 11:11 to some degree (minutes, hours, days, or in the month of November) are too frequent to be explained by sheer coincidence. Bousman is directing the film based off his original screenplay, which takes place in both Spain and New York, and follows the lives of three people who experience a series of strange and terrifying incidents that all somehow seem connected to the number 11.

Unlike Bousman's gory outings with Jigsaw or his adaptation of the macabre cult musical Repo! The Genetic Opera, 11 11 11 is being designed as much more of an atmospheric and psychological horror tale that the director hopes will serve as "a reflection of the great terrifying abyss facing man, the fear of the unknown and loneliness." At least this time there won't be any singing by Paris Hilton involved.

Check out the 11 11 11 trailer (via Bousman's blog) below:


While there's naturally a limited amount of footage on display in this teaser, 11 11 11 does look to have its fill of eery visuals, creepy characters, and some set pieces that will leave the claustrophobic feeling a bit on the uncomfortable side. The expository dialogue and material concerning the 11:11 concept kind of weakens the punch packed by the unsettling imagery, but that's more a reflection of the trailer quality and not the film itself.

The biggest concern at this point is that 11 11 11 will be less a taut thriller with supernatural overtones, and more a hokey B-movie that's an unintended campfest, and not genuinely sinister. That was certainly the case with director Joel Schumacher's numerological thriller, The Number 23, and 11 11 11 could end up falling down a similar hole.

The Number 23 movie directed by Joel Schumacher
Jim Carrey in 'The Number 23'.

11 11 11 has yet to officially secure distribution in the U.S., but it's tentatively scheduled to arrive in theaters on (when else?) November 11th of 2011.

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Source: Darren Lynn Bousman (via First Showing)

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