10,000 BC: First Full Trailer

Of all the odd places for the new trailer for 10,000 BC to premiere...

According to CHUD, the trailer premiered on G4's Attack of the Show, a painfully hip daily program covering movies, videogames, viral videos and the like. Why Warner Bros. didn't then put it on or Yahoo! Movies is beyond me, but anyway... It's in Quicktime over there and if you want a more browser-friendly version you can watch the trailer in Flash below.

10,000 BC is being brought to us by the Emmerich brothers, the same folks who started off strong with the original Stargate and the fun Independence Day but then spiraled into lousiness with an American version of Godzilla and the (no doubt) Al Gore favorite The Day After Tomorrow.

Here it is, brand new and in all it's glory:

So what do you think?

If you want my opinion (and I know you do), I do believe I'm getting a bit burnt out on the ancient/fantasy CGI-generated massive vista thing. Thousands of people, huge sets that don't exist and all kinds of ginormous critters running about.

I'm not terribly sure what the point of this movie is. Is 10,000 BC Apocalypto for the kids with big furry animals? Is it just an adventure movie / love story set in a period where they can have huge and not-yet-ancient buildings and big furry animals? Is it Quest for Fire, but with people who seem to have access to modern day grooming techniques?

Dunno. Maybe you can tell me.

Official Site:

10,000 BC opens on March 7, 2008.

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