10 Things That Have To Happen Before The 100 Ends Next Season

The 100 Season One

The 100 had a simple premise backed by some complicated science fiction. In a space station running out of resources, the governing adults decided to send 100 teen delinquents slated for execution to Earth to test the atmosphere. As it turned out, the Earth wasn’t completely uninhabited. Eventually, the Earth wasn’t capable of sustaining human life at all. The series traveled to new planets and the future in its most recent outing, but time is running short.

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After six seasons on the CW, The 100 nears its end. It’s final season will air on the CW in 2020 with 16 episodes before dropping on Netflix. That number will bring the series to a fitting close on its landmark 100th episode. Before the series takes its bow, there are a few loose ends to tie up.

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The 100 The Primes In Season 6
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10 Paying Off That Planet Beta Tease

The 100 The Primes In Season 6

Season six got Wonkru to Planet Alpha. Russell’s words at the end of the season revealed that other teams, just like the Primes, travelled to other planets. Planet Beta specifically got a mention for a place the Primes could run to. Mind drives were in play on the other planets as part of their missions as well.

While we don’t necessarily need a lot of new characters introduced in the final 16 episodes, it would be nice to see this tease paid off somehow. Knowing there are other pockets of humanity out there ,and these few hundred people aren’t the last of the human race, would be interesting.

9 Deprogramming Jordan

The 100 Season 6 Jordan

Though Jordan only got an introduction recently, he became a fan favorite. Perhaps that’s a result of fans having so much love for his parents. Jordan is the epitome of someone raised to, as Monty and Harper wished for humanity, “do better.”

He isn’t someone who wants to start trouble, and he’s not very good at lying or being stealthy, unlike the rest of the people he knows. The end of season six, however, saw one of the inhabitants of Planet Alpha conditioning him to believe in the Primes. He also had someone’s mind drive in his hand. It’s likely the conditioning took, and the audience is going to want the Jordan they knew back before it’s all over.

8 Raven Getting A Happy Ending

Lindsey Morgan as Raven in The 100 Season 6

If there’s one character who’s ended up with the short end of the stick, it’s Raven. Like Clarke and Bellamy, she found herself in a lot of awkward positions.

She’s often left to figure out some sort of mechanical way to get her people out of trouble. Over the course of the series, every love interest Raven had met a sticky end. She lost the proper use of her leg. Raven was one of ALIE’s biggest victims - taking away her pain, only to leave her in danger of having a stroke. She’s watched everyone she cares about being tortured, and been tortured herself. If the show doesn’t end with Raven offered a happy life, viewers are going to be upset.

7 An Explanation For The Anomaly

The 100 Octavia and the Anomaly

Season six introduced a lot of new moving pieces. One of those was the mysterious anomaly. In the middle of the new planet the main characters traveled to was what appeared to be some sort of temporal storm. It sucked up radio signals like a sponge and expanded its reach at odd intervals. Octavia went in, and emerged with seemingly no memory of what happened to her in there. Diyoza hasn’t been seen since she entered - pregnant - but her daughter emerged as an adult.

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Fans need to know what the deal is with such a strange addition to the show. It blows all the other science fiction of the series away.

6 Defeating Sheidheda Once And For All

The 100 Season 6 Sheidheda Upload

Also introduced in season six was the mysterious Sheidheda. Once a Grounder Commander, his memories resided in The Flame. He briefly took over Madi, somehow locking away the minds of the other Commanders present.

Though Madi regained control of her body, when Raven attempted eliminating Sheidheda from the Flame altogether, she uploaded his mind somewhere. Just where remains to be seen. Will we see him as a computer program next season? An artificial intelligence, like ALIE? Or perhaps, we’ll see him, somehow, made whole again in the anomaly itself? Regardless of where he emerges, the show has to end him so that the Flame and the lineage of “blood must have blood” amongst the Commanders can truly end. It’ll also be interesting to see if his was the only bit of code transferred.

5 A Return To The Core Characters

the 100 cast

The last few seasons of the show said goodbye to many main characters. Jaha, Jasper, Monty, Harper, Kain, and Abby are now all gone. Most of the main cast are members of the original 100 sent to Earth - and a few recurring Grounders who have become integral to storylines.

Season six spent a lot of time only focusing on Clarke and a few others by splitting up all of their storylines. Season seven needs to bring together those left of the original 100 to truly close out the series. A return to those familiar faces instead of continually introducing new ones is a fitting send off.

4 The 100 Find A Real Home

Eliza Taylor and Lola Flanery in The 100 Season 5

The 100 are the epitome of teenagers searching for their place in the universe. They began their lives on a space station. With strict rules in place, they ended up labeled delinquents and in prison. Earth gave them a second chance at life. They’ve gone from establishing their own camp, to making a home at Arkadia, to uniting with the Grounders, to sleeping on a long journey through space.

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Every environment they’ve tried to make home has wound up hostile and led to conflict. Even if their home in the final season ends up being another space station somewhere, what’s left of the 100 deserve a break. Give them a place to finally settle down.

3 Fallout For The Loss Of The Flame

Gaia With The Flame In The 100 Season 5

Yes, the audience needs closure on Sheidheda, but what about the rest of the Grounders? Gaia made the decision with Raven for her entire people to get rid of the Flame to save Madi’s life. The Flame provided the Grounders with tangible proof that the Commanders deserved their leadership. It allowed Commanders access to all the wisdom of previous Commanders.

Will anyone tell Wonkru of the Flame's destruction? Will they follow Madi without the Flame? After all, they united under Octavia when they believed there were no more Nightbloods. Of course, with Echo and Clarke “false” Nightbloods, perhaps season seven will allow the audience to see what happens as the religious beliefs of Wonkru begin to shift.

2 Clarke And Bellamy Getting Together

The 100 Season 4 Premiere Bellamy Clarke

This might be a controversial option for some viewers of The 100. Clarke’s last big love, after all, was Lexa. Her last two relationships have been flings that didn’t last. Bellamy has been committed to Echo since living on what was left of the Ark with her and his friends.

The trouble is that most of the romantic coded scenes for both Bellamy and Clarke occur with one another instead of any of their other partners. It’s Clarke and Bellamy who continually get golden sunsets in the background and sweeping hugs of relief when the dust settles after a fight. Storylines constantly push the two together to make tough calls. It’s starting to make the audience wonder why Echo and Bellamy never seem to be put in those positions instead. Much of the audience wants the payoff for all those romantic coded encounters.

1 Establishing Hope For The Next Generation

The 100

One of the hallmarks of The 100 is that just when everyone believes they can settle into a new life, it’s snatched away from them. Whether the writers want to show the audience what happens next in a flashforward, or they want to tease happy endings for everyone, a note of hope would be nice to end the show on.

The series has so much tragedy and has focused so much on one specific generation of teens, that it would be good to allow the audience to see the human race moving forward. Let the audience know that the next generation, in the words of Monty and Harper, can “do better.”

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