The 100 Season 6 Poster Teases The Humans' New Home Planet

The season 6 poster for The 100 on The CW gives a glimpse at the new home planet for the humans, after the events of the previous season's finale.

A new poster for season 6 of The 100 has been released, teasing the whole new world our heroes will be entering. The previous season of The 100 ended in spectacular fashion, with Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) falling into cryosleep. After waking from cryosleep, both discover that Monty and Harper chose to remain awake to allow the others to survive. The following season looks to build upon the incredible world building that was set-up previously, and the trippy poster certainly suggests that claim.

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg based the television show on the series of novels by author Kass Morgan about a group of 100 humans - mainly criminal adolescents - from a space station returning to Earth after a devastating nuclear apocalypse took place 97 years prior. Many aspects of The 100 revolve around the differing philosophies in the groups that formed within the surviving humans who landed on the planet, and the warring factions that already inhabit the devastated world. Season 5 was perhaps the most unique of them all, having to deal with a 6-year time jump, as well as having an entire episode dedicated to the lead character Clarke. Clarke's relationships with the natives on Earth, and the individuals from the space station shape the show.

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Rothenberg told TV Line after the season 5 finale in August 2018, "As we move into this new world, I wanted it to be a new book," which references the even more astronomical 125-year jump in time for Bellamy and Clarke. Being that the television show has now gone past the stories of the books, the next season will have a whole new sandbox to play with in terms of storytelling. This following season will be a clean slate - new world, new cast, but still following the incredible story of Clarke, one of television's great leads.

The 100 Season 6 Poster

On the new poster for season 6, we see the tagline "Face Your Demons", which suggests that Clarke will have to deal with internal growth as she enters a world that's unfamiliar to her. The poster features vibrant colors of blue and red in the sky, and on the ground. Contrasts seem to be a focus of the poster, which may be connected to the theme of the next season. We see two shadowed out visage's of Clarke looking down solemnly on the new world - contrasting with the bright vibrant colors of the surroundings.

With the tagline being what it is, could the poster possibly be referencing that Clarke is uncomfortable with her new surroundings, but is bottling up her emotions on the inside? Rothenberg stated that "The first volume is closed and now we get to tell an entirely new adventure with the people we've come to love. It's going to be crazy and amazing and beautiful and very, very different." This could be seen as suggesting that season 6 will be the start of a whole new multi-season arc. If it's true that this won't be the final season, then the story of Clarke could very well just be getting started.

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The 100 season 6 premieres April 30 on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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