The 100 Season 6 Extended Trailer: Clarke & Bellamy Enter A Wild New World

Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor in The 100 Season 6 The CW

There are few shows on television with the same knack for fiery reinvention as The 100, as the new extended trailer or season 6 demonstrates. The apocalyptic series has been flexing its nuclear muscles for the past few seasons, ostensibly hitting the reset and fast forward button at the same time. First, at the end of season 4, the series blew everything up in order to facilitate a five-year time jump, and then, not wanting to be stick around in a nuclear wasteland for too long, did much the same at the end of season 5. The result is a massive time jump and relocation to a wild new world that’s just as violent as the one Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy (Bob Morley), and the rest thought they’d left behind. 

It’s a fresh start of sorts for a series that’s based on the idea of near-constant conflict, all told through the eyes of a surprisingly large ensemble cast of characters. The series is confident enough in its plans for the future that it’s even referring to season 6 as the beginning of Book II, meaning the last five seasons have been part of a larger story that is, for the most part, closed out now. And given what transpired at the end of ‘Damocles: Part Two’ it’s no wonder. Now, it time to figure out were The 100 goes from here, and just how much of its characters’ propensity for violence and conflict has traveled with them on their long journey. 

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As evidenced by the extended trailer, this new world is, at first glance, a veritable utopia compared to the ravaged world the survivors left behind. Sure, things are a little off and a little cult-y, but it’s far sight better than mushroom clouds and radioactive fallout. Unfortunately for Clarke and the others, wherever they go trouble isn’t far behind. And this new trailer uses nearly all of its four minutes to explain just how bad things on this new world can get. Check out the trailer for The 100 season 6 below: 

Petty squabbles for control of livable space and resources are replaced by, well, more of the same, but with the added terror of something called “eclipse psychosis,” which isn’t exactly the best way for the survivors to ingratiate themselves with their new hosts, but, as the saying goes, “when in Rome…” Aside from murder-inducing celestial events, there are plenty more oddities on display in The 100’s new setting, and while that might take some getting used to by long-time viewers, it’s also nice to see the show given the chance to stretch its creative muscles and see what happens when the playing field is leveled, so to speak. 

If the show’s latest reset works, it will likely send a message to the show’s writers and The CW that The 100 can not only withstand all sorts of creative curveballs, but actually thrive when being pitched them. It’s something of a long shot, to be sure, but it’s a creative risk that could also have big rewards. 

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The 100 season 6 premieres Tuesday, April 30 @9pm on The CW. 

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