The 100: 3 Burning Questions After The "Gospel of Josephine" Episode

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The 100 season 6, episode 5, "The Gospel of Josephine" was easily one of the most interesting episodes of the series, as it allowed one of its central stars, Eliza Taylor, to play an entirely different character (as well as personality), but also show how everyone who knows her character, Clarke, reacts to all the subtle differences. Even though only a handful of episodes have released thus far, The 100 has already taken things up a notch.

Arriving on a new world in The 100 season 6 opened up numerous possibilities for the writers and producers to play with, and they haven't disappointed yet. Everything from the rage-inducing eclipse to the locals inventing a form of immortality, to even the sudden temporal flares, The 100 season 6 has been keeping viewers at the edge of their seats with every episode, and that includes episode 5, "The Gospel of Josephine".

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In "The Gospel of Josephine", Josie (who's inhabiting Clarke's body) infiltrated the Earthers' group and tried to uncover who had nightblood for them to use. That led to... interesting revelations and scenes. On the other end, Diyoza and Octavia continued their hunt for Gabriel, which deepened their seemingly adversarial relationship, but it's possible that this quest will ultimately lead to them becoming friends. Of course, all of this raised some questions about The 100 season 6 going forward.

3. What Happened To Octavia's Hand?

Octavia's Hand in The 100 Season 6

As if the Two-Sun World couldn't get any weirder, "The Gospel of Josephine" introduced temporal flares (something that may get a kick out of Doctor Who fans). One of these anomalies occurred towards the end of the episode when Diyoza and Octavia were stuck in the quicksand-esque pit. While Diyoza managed to escape, Octavia was stuck, and so, she chose to immerse herself into the pit to survive. But when she was rescued by Diyoza afterward, it seemed that her hand... aged. But did it really? There's something strange going on there, but she's more than capable of carrying on without one of her hands.

2. Where Were Raven, Echo, and Emori?

Lindsey Morgan as Raven in The 100 Season 6

Considering so much happened and was revealed in "The Gospel of Josephine", viewers may be wondering where Raven, Echo, and Emori were in this episode. We don't even see them in passing. In-universe, their absences are curious. In reality, it's probably because they may have been contracted for fewer episodes this season while still remaining series regulars. It wouldn't be the first time this has happened on a network show.

1. Is Murphy Playing Along Or Really Switching Teams?

Richard Harmon as John Murphy in The 100 Season 6

Somehow, Murphy always ends up on the right side of things just enough to survive. But that doesn't mean he isn't without his own demons. It's become clear that Murphy's current crisis is with living for as long as possible, so as to not return to wherever he was when he died. In addition to him literally telling Bellamy that he wants to live, Murphy equates Gabriel's scientific discovery with immortality rather than murder. However, what's he really up to? He's been placed in a difficult situation with Josephine. So will he play along to help his friends or truly turn on them to become immortal?

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