The 100 Season 6: Two Burning Questions After "The Face Behind the Glass"

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The 100 season 6, episode 4, "The Face Behind the Glass" completely turned the current storyline on its head as it spawned a new, more intriguing story with Clarke that may either strain relationships even further or bring all of the core characters together for the first time in perhaps several years. A lot happened in "The Face Behind the Glass" episode, but the biggest development was Clarke essentially... dying.

As is normal for The 100, multiple branching storylines were unfolding at the same time. On one end, Diyoza now finds herself working alongside the person, Octavia, who was her mortal enemy just a few days ago (to them, that is), and completing their task may ultimately absolve them of their respective sins; Diyoza potentially being recognized as a decent person instead of a terrorist, and Octavia as a human (and Bellamy's sister that once lived under the floorboards), not a monster.

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On the other end, after an attempt to kidnap Clarke from Sanctum failed, the Primes took it upon themselves to do something even worse: use Clarke's body as a host for their long-lost daughter, Josephine. And so, it seems that Clarke - the Clarke that fans have come to know and love - is gone, with Josephine now inhabiting her body by using what appears to be a flame. But all this opens up so many questions about The 100 season 6 going forward.

Is Clarke Really Dead?

Clarke in The 100

After the shocking ending of "The Face Behind the Glass", viewers must be wondering if Clarke is really dead or not. Given that she's the leading star of the show, it's unlikely that she would be written out that way, but it wouldn't be the first time that a show has done that before, let alone one on The CW. However, for now, it does seem like Josephine is in control of Clarke's body, but whether or not she retains control for the long haul remains to be seen.

But more than likely, the flame that Clarke once hosted will be used to restore her memory (or her consciousness) into her body. That's the prevailing theory online at the moment, and it would tie into Madi's story arc about being the next Commander.

Why Do The Children Of Gabriel Need The Primes For?

It's quite obvious that the Children of Gabriel are against the Primes (or, at least people with nightblood), but what's really going on here? So far, the Children of Gabriel, with the exception of one lone wolf, haven't done any physical harm to anyone. Sure, they use paralytic darts to incapacitate their enemies, and they're certainly not opposed to kidnapping, but they haven't killed anyone yet. Again, with the exception of one person. The doctor who attempts to kidnap Clarke even says that she'd be safe with them.

So while Clarke is initially saved by the guards at Sanctum, her body is later taken over by Josephine's flame. At this point, is anyone GOOD on this moon world? Or are there just less bad people? Furthermore, it seems the Children of Gabriel want the Primes' heads for their flames, but why not just take the flames themselves? What do they really need the heads for and what do they plan on doing with the heads/flames once they get their hands on them all, if they ever do?

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