The 100 Season 6: 4 Biggest Questions After Episode 3, "Children of Gabriel"

The 100 season 6, episode 3, "The Children of Gabriel" introduced several new characters into the series as well as set up a potential conflict with another group on the Two-Sun World, aka Sanctum. Shortly after the eclipse ended and the people of Sanctum returned, Clarke was forced to convince the Primes - descendants of the original Eligius III crew members that colonized Sanctum - that they were worthy enough of a second chance on this moon. Of course, nothing goes according to plan.

Thanks to Jordan, who's developed his first crush, the Primes knew everything about what transpired on Earth before its ultimate destruction - what happened with the initial grounders, Mount Weather, the valley, and so forth. All the stories that Jordan grew up listening to were revealed at the worst time. Because of that, the Primes wouldn't let Clarke and the rest of them stay on Sanctum, but then when Delilah is taken by the Children of Gabriel, an opportunity arises.

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Clarke immediately tried to rescue Delilah, but she was hurt in the fight with one of the Children of Gabriel. That's when Russel (and perhaps the rest of the Primes) find out that Clarke is a Nightblood - or someone of "royal blood" on Sanctum - and so, the conflict between Sanctum and the Children of Gabriel, as well as everyone who came from Earth, just got a lot more complicated. And all of that has led to even more question about The 100 season 6.

Why Are The Primes Decapitated By The Children Of Gabriel?

The Children of Gabriel are presented as the villains of The 100 season 6, but whether or not they are truly the bad guys remains to be seen. However, what's clear is that they don't like the Primes and they are willing to kidnap them. But when it comes to dead Primes, they decapitate them instead. Why? Is it ritualistic or do the Children of Gabriel hate them that much? Or does it have something do with their blood and, possibly, a chip inside their heads?

Do The Primes Have The Memories Of The Original Settlers?

Russell's story about his dog biting him in the face seemed plausible as Sanctum has dogs of their own. The thing is, though, Russell doesn't have a scar on his face. But do you know who does? Dr. Lightbourne - one of the original Eligius III crew members who turned during the first eclipse. He has a scar on his face, and since all the Eligius crew are Nightbloods, perhaps they've been passing down their memories for generations, similar to how the Commanders had been doing on Earth.

Is There A Hell In The 100's Universe?

The 100 Murphy

It's no secret that there are lots of biblical themes in The 100, but the latest tease from Murphy's resurrection begs the question: does Hell exist in this universe? When Murphy woke up, he seemed convinced that he was going to Hell, perhaps because he saw something while he was recovering. And whatever it was, it frightened him.

What Exactly Did Diyoza Do To Deserve A Place In The History Books?

Everyone knows that Diyoza was a convicted criminal, but exactly did she do to deserve a spot in the history books next to Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden? All that's really known about Charmaine Diyoza is that she was a U.S. Navy SEAL, who at one point decided to turn against a "fascist" government and begin operating alongside the United Liberation Army. But the exact crime that got her sentenced aboard the Eligius IV is unknown.

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