The 100 Season 6: 4 Biggest Questions After Episode 2, "Red Sun Rising"

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The 100 season 6, episode 2, "Red Sun Rising" provided some answers as to what happened to the original Eligius III crew and who stole the Eligius IV dropship in the season premiere, but the episode also brought about even more questions going into episode 3. "Red Sun Rising" primarily focused on the ground crew being affected by the toxin and attempting to get through the ordeal without killing each other. However, there was much more to the episode than just that.

Part of "Red Sun Rising" was dedicated to showing what happened to the Eligius III crew when they first experienced the moon's toxins as well as what happened on Eligius IV when the Sanctum's people boarded the mothership. While everything on that end was ultimately resolved, one thing that was interesting to note is Octavia's story progression now beginning to move towards remorse and regret (though perhaps not completely). She still has a ways to go before she's redeemed in everyone's eyes.

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But while "Red Sun Rising" forced some of The 100's characters to come to terms with who they are and what they've done in the past - especially in Clarke and Octavia's cases - the episode featured multiple curiosities that have now become our biggest questions going into episode 3.

4. What Happens To The Bodies After People Die?

The 100 Dropship Sanctum

Three of the four people who stole the dropship and the Eligius IV were killed, and the last person to die told the lone survivor that she knows what to do with the bodies. But what do they have to do with the bodies? Sure, Raven says the bodies will still be there when they get back, but considering that Sanctum has toxins that turn people berserk, who knows what else nature has in store for them. Perhaps The 100 is introducing its version of zombies, but that's unlikely. We'll just have to wait and see.

3. Why Wasn't Murphy Affected By The Toxin?

The 100 Murphy

It seemed that everyone was affected by the toxin on the moon, which is why they were either trying to hurt each other or themselves (at least in Clarke's case). But not Murphy. For some reason, he was the only person who remained sane throughout the whole ordeal, and it seems that he tried to prevent Bellamy and Clarke from hurting each other by shooting around them. One possible explanation for Murphy being immune is that he never holds back and is always true to who he is, so there was nothing he was keeping down that would come out from being affected by the toxin.

2. How Did Murphy Know They Were On A Moon?

In The 100 season 6 premiere, Jordan and Raven discover that Sanctum is a moon, not a planet, but how did Murphy figure that out? Murphy clearly mentions that Sanctum is a moon, but they never determined that fact before-hand, just that the celestial body they were on had suns, hence why it's currently referred to as the Two-Sun World.

1. Are Sanctum's Survivors All Nightblood?

The 100 Octavia in Season 6 Episode 2

When the people from Sanctum boarded the Eligius IV, the first thing they noticed was that Octavia's blood was red. In The 100, that must mean everyone who lives on the moon is a Nightblood, right? Unless The 100 is introducing yet another blood type/color in season 6, the descendants from the Eligius III are presumably all Nightbloods, which would make sense of the fact that Becca's infinity symbols have been spotted all over.

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