The 100 Season 6: 5 Questions After The Premiere, "Sanctum"

The 100 Season 6 Premiere Questions

The 100 season 6, episode 1, "Sanctum", introduced audiences to a brand new world (or, more accurately, a new moon), but it also brought about several questions going into next week's episode. It's been almost a year since The 100 season 5 ended and closed the door on Earth's story. And now, the writers and producers are opening up a new door by taking the remaining members of The 100, as well as some other people, and dropping them into an entirely foreign environment.

It seems that The 100 season 6 can be considered a quasi-reboot, seeing as it recreates much of the story from The 100 season 1. But this time, there are fewer people heading to the ground to see if it's, firstly, habitable and, secondly, free of any hostiles. Of course, being The 100, not everything goes according to plan. The 100 season 6 already suffered its first casualty in episode 1, with Jordan Bogler's Shaw being killed off early on.

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But much more happened in The 100 season 6, episode 1, than Shaw dying. Kane went back into cryostasis, Octavia was woken up and is now causing problems with Abby, Emori seems to have been infected by whatever causes people to go berserk, and someone appears to have stolen the dropship from the ground. All of this should be further explored in next week's episode, but for now, each development seems to raise new questions regarding The 100 season 6.

5. What's The Deal With The Motorcycle Book?

At the start of the episode, before everyone gathered in the mess hall to discuss what to do next, Raven and Shaw spent some alone time together. And while they were having sex, the camera focused in on a particular book on the shelf: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. What's the point of the book and who's reading it? For those who may not know, the book is real. It's a fictional autobiography written by Robert M. Pirsig, and it dives into the complexities of philosophy, though not so much motorcycles.

4. Did Niylah Sabotage Kane's Surgery?

The 100 Kane

Kane's sutures appeared to have opened up during his argument with Octavia, who wasn't supposed to have been wakened. So, given Niylah's apparent loyalty to Octavia, it's theoretically possible that she intentionally sabotaged Kane's surgery so that he could bleed out at a later point. Kane is still considered to be a traitor, and him dying for his actions may actually be welcomed by many people. Plus, there's also the fact that Niylah hesitated to help Abby resuscitate Kane before he was put back in cryo.

3. Will They Ever Visit The Other Planets?

It was mentioned that there are five planets in the vicinity. So given that the Two-Sun World, which is in actuality a moon, will the Eligius IV eventually plan a trip to those other planets? While their current location is indeed habitable, there are some significant downsides. Aside from the red sun turning people into murderous madmen, the people who live there may not be open to welcoming outsiders. Perhaps Clarke, Bellamy, and everyone else will find better luck on another planet. The 100 was already renewed for season 7, so there's plenty of time to explore other planets/areas. Plus, The 100 needs to answer what the not-aurora is.

2. Do They Not Have Spacesuits To Use?

Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor in The 100 Season 6 The CW

For a ship that was originally in space for hundreds of years, and then traveled to another solar system, there must be at least one spacesuit on board the Eligius IV for the crew to use when they landed on the ground of the Two-Sun World. It seems ridiculous that the best way to determine the moon was habitable was simply opening up the hatch and hoping that there was air for them to breathe, especially knowing that there was originally an emergency beacon placed there hundreds of years before. It's possible that the decision was made to mimic season 1, but still... it's quite absurd.

1. Who Took The Dropship?

Before The 100 season 6 premiere episode ended, someone stole the dropship. It wasn't Shaw, so it must have someone from the colony on the Two-Sun World - but who? And how could someone know how to pilot such an old dropship? It's been hundreds of years since Eligius III landed on the moon, and it's unlikely that people were trained in how to operate the dropship, especially considering that an emergency beacon was turned on.

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The 100 season 6 airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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