There Are No Good Guys in The 100 Season 5 Trailer

The CW released the trailer for season 5 of The 100. It was May the last time there were new episodes of The 100 on the air, and that is a long time to wait to see the resolutions to the season 4 finale cliffhanger. To quickly recap, with Earth on the verge of a second nuclear meltdown, there were only a handful of people able to survive. Guided by Octavia, 1,300 people - 100 from Skaikru and another 100 from each of the 12 grounder clans - took cover in the bunker under Polis. Meanwhile, Bellamy, Monte, Raven, Murphy, Emori, and Harper managed to launch themselves into space just in the nick of time. Clarke was supposed to go with them, but had to be left behind, knowing her Nightblood would protect her from radiation. Cut to six years later, Clarke can't reach the people underground or in the air and her friends in space still have not landed. But someone else has.

Not a whole lot has been revealed about the upcoming fifth season. There will be a new antagonist called Robert McCreary, played by William Miller. Clarke's sole companion, Madi, has been recast and will now be played by Lola Flanery, and Jaha will be recurring instead of a main character. But not much else has been revealed, not even who survived the last six years besides Clarke.


Now The CW has released the trailer for the fifth season of the series, which is set to return on April 24. And while there are certainly plenty of questions left to be answered, the trailer does reveal a few things. A number of characters are revealed to still be alive after six years, many of whom have some fun new haircuts. And that when it comes to survival, there are no good guys.

The trailer does reveal that some of the season will be told in flashback to the past six years, and it looks like that includes how Clarke and Madi as well as what their relationship is. Some people theorized that she was Clarke's daughter when the character first showed up at the end of season 4, even though she appeared to be older than five. It also shows that all of Clarke's friends who went into space are still there, trying to figure out their next move. And while the identity of everyone alive in the bunker is unknown, there were shots of Octavia, Abby, Kane, Jaha, Indra, and Gaia. It looks as though Octavia's desire to unite everyone as one crew is not going as well as she hoped.

The trailer also reveals the people who landed on earth in the last moments of season 5, who are trying to claim the one green valley left. They are lead by a woman who is ready for war. There is also another vessel in space, which has what appears to be people in stasis. Meanwhile, the single patch of green becomes the focal point of a war to survive. There may not be any good guys, but from the looks of things, there are definitely plenty of people who are willing to sacrifice others to save themselves and their loved ones, as there always has been on The 100. Even some of the people that the audience is rooting for.


The 100 returns to The CW on April 24.

Source: The CW

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