The 100 Season 5 Will Bring Plenty Of Conflict Despite New Group Dynamics

Richard Harmon and Luisa D'Oliveira in The 100

Season 5 of The 100 is going all in on its time jump by putting characters together in order to explore new group dynamics, like Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Murphy (Richard Harmon) being aboard the space station, as part of a small cluster of survivors. That new dynamic will alter how certain characters interact, but it will also open the door for many of them to demonstrate the degree to which they’ve matured and changed, at least that’s what one actor says. 

The CW’s post-apocalyptic series has always enjoyed playing around with the idea of conflict within groups both large and small, and even though the series’ fifth season is something of a reset, old habits die hard. And as season 5 explores in its premiere, even groups who’ve been locked up in space for 6 years will have grown into a family that still has plenty of issues. 

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Harmon made the comments during a recent visit to the set of The 100, attended by Screen Rant. The actor had to dance around spoilers, but managed to offer up an intriguing tease without ruining things for the audience. He says that being in close proximity for so long has changed the survivors, but their new bond won’t change The 100’s tried-and-true formula. Harmon said:

Chris Larkin and Richard Harmon in The 100 Season 5

“Without giving away too much about the relationship we have up in space, after six years with just that same group of six or seven people, you kind of become a family after that amount of time. But families aren't perfect, you have issues with each other. But we're all obviously a lot closer. A lot of the issues that we've had probably are in the past after six years. I've said this before: a lot of therapy can happen in six years. But that doesn't mean new qualms with each other won't arise. It's The 100; we're gonna have issues.”

The survivors in space have all assembled around Bellamy. Harmon thinks that leadership position suits the Bob Morley's character just fine, and that it’s a role he’s more than earned. And in season 5, viewers will be seeing a new, more balanced Bellamy leading his group. 

“I think Bellamy is so well-suited for that kind of position. He's proved it time and time again. Obviously not so well in the beginning. He was well-intentioned, but kind of did things in an improper way, and I might have also had something to do with that... But I think, it's like Clarke said at the end of last year, he's got to learn to focus his mind and his heart. I think he has become -- at the beginning of the season you see that he's assumed the leadership role and... you're going to see that he has heeded that advice and now implements that sort of system of the mind and the heart.”

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The 100 season 5 premieres tonight with ‘Eden’ @9pm on The CW.

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