The 100 Interview: Creator Jason Rothenberg & Cast

After being frozen for more than 100 years our old friends wake up to see a new planet. On The 100, Our heroes must band together and accept the new world and “The Sanctum”.They will have to Face Their Demons and They will meet the new leader of this planet Russell. Is he friend or foe and can our heroes make this new planet work?

Screen Rant: And we're here with cast of The 100 How are you guys doing today?

Eliza Taylor: Pretty Great.

Screen Rant: I'm excited for the next season. It's definitely going to be a different take on the series. We got a new and cast member this this season, Jordan, how did you feel like jumping in with this cast and meeting everybody? How did it work? like everybody just welcomed you in with open arms?

Shannon Kook: Actually When I first walked into the makeup trailer, they were like, Hey, everyone started screaming and then I felt like those, I was in like a playground with a bunch of kids crowding around. Richard came over and he was being really funny. He's like, that's my sister.

Jason Rothenberg: This seat's taken!

Tasya Teles: And then we turn it on him

Eliza Taylor : There's also another cast member who is new.

JR Bourne: Hi guys.

Eliza Taylor : Oh, so nice.

JR Bourne: Yeah, they were, they said they were going to be nicer to me than they were to Shannon and they learn their lesson.

Eliza Taylor : Hey, make us look good. Yeah, exactly.

Screen Rant: This is the sixth season. How has this ride been for all of you? I mean, you've guys been going through the Con circuit six seasons of this amazing show. The fandom loves you guys. How's, how's this experience been for you leading up to this?

Sachin Sahel: I think it's just been unreal. I've been a guest on the show from the pilot. Yeah. So watching everybody grow together, watching the characters grow together, watching this cast become a family, watching the story evolve the way it has into a place where we're literally a book to a completely new story after six years to have like a reinvention of the story is such, I think something an actor won't ever get to live through very often in their lives. So we actually get to live here and absorb it and uh, kind of appreciate it because we're all so close. and it's really, I just think it's a special kind of thing, uh, not just as an actor, as a human being to be with all these people and do these cool stories.

Eliza Taylor : That is pretty great. Yeah. Yeah. That's nice. That's really, I feel like, I mean, I, the, the longest I ever spent on a show was three years. Um, when I was I think at age 14 to 17, um, and then doing this was 23 to nearly 30 now. And I was like, wow, like having the opportunity to be a part of, um, a cast and grow with it to this extent and grow with our characters and, uh, also invite some new people in has been amazing.

Shannon Kook: And then also the universe of the world, of all the fans that are there with you, you sort of brought into this massive family and this, this energy of love and like a rollercoaster of emotions. Uh, so that, that's a whole thing on itself is being brought into all these people's lives and connecting with that aspect,

Tasya Teles: That was like a discovery that I was not anticipating when I first came on. Like it was like meeting everybody. And then like there was this whole other chapter which I didn't anticipate, which was amazing.

Clarke in The 100

Screen Rant: Well, first off for your character Echo we're going to see you in a new brand new world are we going to get to explore a little bit about her past and, uh, how she came to be, you know, great warrior she is?

Tasya Teles: We are, yeah.

Screen Rant: Excited about that.

Tasya Teles: Sure am!

Screen Rant: We'll move on. It's fine.

Tasya Teles: I know it's gonna it's gonna be great. I'm really, and you know that, that there's like, you know, a couple of little moments in other episodes, but there's one main episode that focuses on that and that episode is brilliant. I'm really excited and we've, yeah.

Screen Rant: Octavia, now your character has been through the ringer. She's taken out of this, uh, taken out of her royalty role that she had on earth. What kind of, what kind of demons is she going to be fighting now that she's on this new planet and, you know, interacting with people that have, you know, you used to be our friends, but I've kind of grown to hate her a little bit?

Marie Avgeropoulos: That's a really good question. So sometimes when human beings hit rock bottom The only way to look is up. So that's where activity is headed in the next season. and it's just a question if she wants to redeem her inner demons or not. because you can either go down one road and go darker and push them down or you can face them. And your character, your character can be faced with redemption, with honor and pushed down shame. So it'll be interesting next season for the fans to see what happens or not

Sachin Sahel: Just face your demons.

Marie Avgeropoulos: Oh boy. A play on words. The irony, Jason thinks I don't pay attention, but I got, I, I'm like the lion in the grass that sees everything.

Screen Rant: So can we talk a little bit about the sanctum you probably would be the best person to ask this. Is it as great as you make it seem? Because I've been a fan of yours. You were on teen wolf, the gun wielding a Mr. Argent. Is he going to be wielding any guns or is he going to be the peaceful man that we got introduced to on this trailer?

Marie Avgeropoulos: Just your voice. I'm sorry. I know. Yeah.

Eliza Taylor: Oh, it's, it's the best voice. Sorry. That's what it was.

Jason Rothenberg: It's the eyes from the voices. I like the combo.

JR Bourne: I put everybody to sleep. Okay. there, there is most definitely a peacefulness to the, you know, this world and this society that Russell leads and that was created, Sanctum. Um, and that offers, you know, even in peace, you know, because there's a ying and a Yang to everything that it offers a, a, an element of challenge, not only to all of these guys, and they're sort of how they adapt to this, this new world, which I think everyone has been looking for. And, and it's finally there, but again, under even under the most beautiful, peaceful worlds or skins, there's still darkness that's there. And, and uh, I don't think that that is at all a spoiler. It, it only adds to, I think how amazing this, uh, this season is for everybody. Yeah.

Jason Rothenberg: And they've created this sanctum, this, this peaceful society for, you know, however they had to do it, which we can't really talk much about, but into that comes these people that are sort of blood drenched and violence. You know, it's the thing that they know. And it's going to be a challenge for Russell to sort of, is he going to allow them to stay and how far is he willing to sort of test his own sort of moral rules that he's has made for himself Is that too much? . You guys are in some ways two sides of the same coin, which is beautiful.

Eliza Taylor : I like that. Played with that a lot, which is awesome.

JR Bourne: Yeah. Most definitely

Sachin Sahel: They'll have to face their demons.

Marie Avgeropoulos: I'm a tiger in the grass.

The 100 Octavia in Season 6 Episode 2

Screen Rant: You're probably one of my favorite characters on the show because you're a fighter. You've been there since season one and you've met, you've survived this whole time.

Richard Harmon: Against all odds.

Screen Rant: Against all odds. What is his time on Sancta? I'm going to be like, okay.

Richard Harmon: I mean it's tough because I think the, his, his fight is within him as I think this season is for most people. I think everyone has to kind of on a new planet and a new world, a tone to themselves for what they've done and then the person they've had to be to survive and go through the first five seasons because we've all done questionable things in order to ensure our own survival. I mean, I definitely have, I know that for sure. So I think it's going to be him dealing with that. I think if anyone needs a fresh start, it's, it's, it's Murphy. But I think the fun thing for the audience to see is how well he uses that fresh start and we'll, we'll see.

Screen Rant: Now in the last season though, last time jump, we had Maddie again introduce and Clark Kinda took on this motherly role, but then Octavia came in and a little, a little tug of war, between you two.

Eliza Taylor: How dare you by the way.

Screen Rant: How's that dynamic between the three of you going to, um, you know, translate into next season? Is there still going to be a little bickering, a little, uh, is she still going to be conflicting or who to follow?

Eliza Taylor: I think what's interesting about this season is that, um, I think in a way Maddie like proved herself to be very much the commander and her own person and we went to sleep. She was very, they were peace, you know? Yeah. And then, you know, in the new season, I can't give away too much, but I think that what they they do is kind of separate a little bit. And you know, Maddie gets to be her own person, fight her own demons. There you go. There's the tag line also Clark also goes on her own journey. So there is like a little bit of her having faith in her daughter to just let go and, and be who she needs to be.

Marie Avgeropoulos : And Octavia, not activity, that wasn't Octavia, that was Blodreina and Blodreina knew how to really get to Clark and there was, a kind of power struggle and fight there. And, Blodreina really knew how to get there. And, and that pawn was through Maddie. So that was a really interesting story point Jason.

Jason Rothenberg: One of the things we can say about Maddie's journey Certainly like Clark and maddy got to a point last year, where are you sort of let her go and lead that army? You know, that was a big choice for you, for Clark. And this year you kind of as a good parent would sort of make her live by that choice. Like you, you know, that you chose to be the commander. It is now your responsibility, you know, with great power comes great responsibility to borrow a phrase. And you know, that's something that happens this season and we see Maddy kind of like working on her commander, you know, skills.

JR Bourne: I hope I'm okay. Say this. There's something that I love so much about the writing and about the show all seasons.

Jason Rothenberg: Sure. You are.

JR Bourne: I, yeah. You know, in, in real life because I know we, you know, this is Psi Phi and the circumstances and it's all but in, in real life that the commonalities that we all have is you would be if it goes to where we come from and you have exemplified that all of you have throughout all the seasons that regardless of where everybody's coming from and even in this season face the demons. Everybody's going to have to do that. And that's what happens in the season as in real life regardless of what our circumstances are.

Eliza Taylor: This something that I love about you by the way, like it jr is breathe like fresh air into that you can do now and our crew and we're just so grateful because I mean, we would sit down for hours and just talk about like, you know, just eh, like get deeper and deeper into the humanity and the, the, you know, the moral choices that are made. And, and I, I don't think I would've done that without you this season

Tasya Teles: You bring like a nuance to the decision that the decisions that each character has to go through and just, I dunno. So great to have those conversations with you.

Sachin Sahel: You dove into the the story deeper than each character

Marie Avgeropoulos: They are all lying We hate that you're here Sorry people can't take compliments

Tasya Teles: Also you and Richard or matching right now cause we're the same.

Screen Rant: Moving on to Jordan getting a little bit of a vibe that he's going to be like a fish out of water in this series. I'm thinking, thinking back to that old Brendan Frasier movie Blast From the Past Do you guys remember that film? Where he is stuck in a fallout shelter? Are we going to have like those kinds of stories where you're just going to be totally oblivious to some of the human interactions since you weren't really involved with the original cast since you were born who, who are you going to connect to the most?

Shannon Kook: I think it was want to say, I think he needs to connect with himself the most Because he's still trying to, you find yourself by facing yourself through other people and then you can find situated your face, your demons. You can't have light without the dark, but he is just, he's grown up in a very perfect environment and a very idealistic mindset and now he's going down, down to a planet. I've always described him as an Aquarius because it's ruled by saturn, which is a planet of structure. And then now this new ruled planet is Uranus, which is a planet of rebellion. He comes from structure in a form. And I was going, and he, Jason was describing him is I'm almost like Buddha who was encapsulated in a perfect environment and left to, to experience, um, I guess humanity in real life. Yeah.

Jason Rothenberg: Yeah. I mean he was raised, obviously Buddha was raised to not pain, to not see suffering, to not see old people, to not see death. And Jordan was too, I mean, Jordan was raised by two people in a spaceship, you know, for 27 years. A very similar in terms of, you know, needing to go out into the world and see life and experience life and see what happens. And that's what we'll see from him. One of the things that I love so much about just having him in the show, Shannon and the character of Jordan is everything is new for him. Everything. He's never stepped on the ground before. These guys have, you know, destroy the planet, gone down to the ground before.

Tasya Teles: And he smiles. We have a great resume.

Jason Rothenberg: Yeah. But it's like there's, there are scenes in early episodes where he's tasting things and it's just like, he's never tasted anything other than algae before. So it's really, it's, it is a beautiful thing. It's a great performance. And, um, I'm looking for, for people seeing it.

Marie Avgeropoulos: I don't think anyone seen my teeth in six years.

Shannon Kook: When I saw her teeth for the first time i was like Wow. She's got this beautiful teeth. When Marie first smiled. Wow.

Marie Avgeropoulos: Flipping for these braces for nothing. She always says that when she watches the show, like what? Are you ever smile? I'm not allowed.

Screen Rant: Well, I'm super excited for the new season coming out April 30th on the CW. Right. So thank you so much.

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