• The 100: The Deadliest Nations/Groups, Ranked

    The 100 has captivated young fans with its high drama, action, and sci-fi intrigue. Between all the different factions and events, the main characters have to endure a lot of threats and danger. To think in season one, falling from space would become the least of Clarke's problems. Clarke has gone from a heartbroken, brilliant teen to the young, fierce mother of the Grounders' leader. It's quite the evolution.

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    With only eight confirmed alive, The 100 have come a long way. They've dealt with dangerous factions and the strongest, or the luckiest, have survived. While fans wait in the coming months for season 6, it's a good time to look back at the factions that plagued the lives of The 100. Here are the deadliest nations/groups, ranked.

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  • 14 / 14

    In The 100, the Grounders consist of 13 clans. However, some of them are too unknown to give a fair assessment. This includes people Rock Line, Lake People, Delphi, and more.

    While fans get to see glimmers of them during the Grounders Coalition, they don't have many, if any, named characters and are simply ideas more than they are a culture. No one knows if they'll be explored more in future seasons, but for now, they get put at the bottom of the ranking. If they haven't posed a threat thus far, they don't pose enough threat to be mentioned much.

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  • 13 / 14

    The Mountain Men were introduced in the second season. More '"civilized" like the Sky People, the community under Mount Weather seemed like a group of people trying to survive. However, they eventually started using the 48 Delinquents they housed to protect them from the radiation.

    With armaments, dangerous medical procedures, and modern technology, the Mountain Men seem to pose a serious threat. On the other hand, though, considering a bit of fresh air causes them to break out in hives and can kill them, they aren't very threatening at all. As of the current season on The 100, all of the known Mountain Men aren't alive anymore.

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  • 12 / 14

    Though fans don't know much about Trishanakru, the people of the Glowing Forest, they do know one very important member of the clan: Ilian. The Trishanakru people are sentimental, spiritual, and simple. They believe in specific burial rituals and tending to their families. However, that devotion can lead to a lot of danger.

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    Under control of A.L.I.E., Ilian decimated his own family while trying to infect them. When she was turned off, he tried to save his mother, but she passed away from his own torture methods. She did ask him to avenge her, though. Ilian took this prompt to attack the Sky People, trying to burn down some of their base.

    Eventually, he becomes entangled with Octavia and forges his own path, but love and faith can make people do very dangerous things.

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  • 11 / 14

    Floukru is objectively the most peaceful clan that fans meet in The 100, choosing to live on a barge to avoid any and all conflict. When Lincoln wants to escape the Trikru/Delinquents conflict, this is where he planned to take Octavia.

    With their decision to stay, the show didn't introduce Floukru until they were looking for a Nightblood to replace Lexa as Commander. After all, the Floukru leader, Luna, is the only known Nightblood alive other than Ontari. Though the clan is weak when it comes to weapons or defenses, having a Nightblood lead them is powerful. If Luna ever wanted to claim her birthright, they could come into a lot of power.

    However, with the plague wiping everyone out except Luna, Floukru meets an untimely fate.

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  • 10 / 14

    Though Sangedakru is a fairly big mystery, two of its members have shone a light on the kind of people the Desert Clan raises. Between Brell and Caris, the people of the desert are fearless leaders that won't stand down and will try to do what's right for the whole. Brell dared argue against the Blood Queen, and Caris put her life in danger and left Octavia behind. The group would not be endangered for one person's decisions.

    If the rest of the clan is just as fierce as Caris and Brell, of course, they'd be a dangerous group to go up against.

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  • 9 / 14

    As if the clans of The 100 didn't have enough to deal with, after Praimfaya the once slumbering Eligius Prisoners land down and run into Clarke and Madi. Mutinizing, Charmaine Diyoza and her band of criminals have taken over the Eligius Corp. ship and are setting out to explore their new world and survive. When they find desolation, though, things start to get dangerous.

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    Willing to do anything to ensure their own goals met, the prisoners lie, torture, take hostages, and end lives. Though they aren't a large group, their munitions and ruthlessness alone make them a serious threat to all other groups on Earth.

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  • 8 / 14

    While Louwoda Kliron may not be very powerful as a clan, they have one impressive card up their sleeve: Madi Griffon. Meant to fall to Praimfaya like the rest of her people, Madi survived because of her Nightblood and survived by running into Clarke Griffon. Other than the clan members in the bunker, Madi became the only Shadow Valley Grounder left.

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    Creating a mother-daughter bond, Clarke and Madi became the only Nightbloods left in the world. When Wonkru emerged from underground, Madi took over her right as Commander. As the leader of all Grounders left on the world, even one Louwoda Kliron became a dangerous figure.

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  • 7 / 14

    The space station had questionable protocol before it fell, to say the least. They used the 100 delinquents as guinea pigs to see if they could survive on the surface. Fortunately for them, they could. Unfortunately, they sent the teens down there woefully unprepared.

    No one expected the Grounders or the battles the Delinquents would have to fight. Though they lost many, the group proved strong and found a place for themselves on Earth. Full of ingenuity, resourcefulness, and a will to live, the Delinquents weren't a group to be trifled with.

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  • 6 / 14

    Though the Delinquents repelled Trikru's assaults, ultimately Trikru is much stronger. They are a defensive and determined people, and given enough time, would have overtaken the Delinquents. After all, they did decimate about half of the group while only taking some casualties on their part. They still had ample warriors, they were just being pragmatic.

    Furthermore, the Woods Clan is fairly diplomatic. They're intelligent about their decisions, but also willing to make a deal when it makes sense. Consisting of impressive characters like Indra and Lincoln, the Woods Clan is a strong group of people. In a larger conflict, they're a very dangerous group to go up against. Especially now that they count Octavia, the Blood Queen, among their ranks.

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  • 5 / 14

    Of all the specific Grounders clans, the Ice Nation of Azgeda is likely the most intimidating. They're a people that constantly live in harsh winters, they aren't above treachery, and they are fierce combatants. While Roan has proved a useful ally, his mother can be a manipulative queen.

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    Considering all the work the clan did to try to upheave Lexa and the bid for next Commander, they are a constant threat. Sure, they may be in accordance with Wonkru right now. However, they always have their own agendas first.

    However, with Nia and Roan gone, the power-hungry nation is crippled if they ever separate from Wonkru.

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  • 4 / 14

    Survival-minded humans with advanced technology are always dangerous, and the Sky People are no different. Skaikru is just as likely as other clans to do things in their own selfish interest instead of what's best for everyone.

    The Delinquents were a big enough threat to cause trouble, but all of their space-faring community joining them makes them very dangerous. When they take diplomatic approaches, they can bring a lot of people together. However, when things get tyrannical or violent, they take a huge, bloody bite out of other groups.

    Skaikru is an understandable, uncomfortable threat that the Grounders had every right to be wary of.

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  • 3 / 14
    A.L.I.E.'S CULT

    One of the most dangerous threats to come to The 100 was A.L.I.E. An AI gone warped, A.L.I.E. was a program meant to save humanity. However, she took that to mean saving them in a database instead of saving the world. With all the danger in the world, it was an easy solution.

    An added bonus was that A.L.I.E. took to using happiness as a drug and the bodies of her followers to do her bidding. After all, it's easy to eliminate threats when you have sleep agents and hostage family members. A.L.I.E. almost spread throughout the world before The 100 cast figured out how to disable her.

    If they hadn't, she would have taken over everyone without much resistance. That's one impressive, insidious threat.

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  • 2 / 14

    When Clarke and crew discovered the world was going to be facing Praimfaya, a relentless plague, the Grounders had a conclave to chose an immediate Commander based on combat skill alone, not Nightblood. Each clan had a champion and they all would fight until only one person was left alive.

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    Octavia Blake, champion of Trikru, won and decided the Grounders fate. From each clan, 100 would be chosen and taken underground to ride out the world-ending event. This new underground clan was to be called Wonkru.

    between Octavia turning into the Blood Queen, the ruthless nature of the new clan, and the dissolving of other clans, Wonkru is as dangerous as they get.

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  • 1 / 14

    While this organization doesn't exist anymore, at its height, The Grounders Coalition was easily the strongest group in The 100. Consisting of 13 full-sized clans with different resources, expertise, and warriors, they all were a force to be reckoned with. Hearing the plea of the Skaikru and the danger of Mount Weather, Lexa brought her people together and worked to neutralize any threat.

    As the Commander, it was Lexa's job to lead the Grounders to greatness, and she certainly did. If the Coalition didn't fall to A.L.I.E.'s cult or Praimfaya, it would have remained the most dangerous, intimidating force on the planet. Unfortunately, the planet had different plans.

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