The 100 Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

There is no Hogwarts in the post-apocalyptic future of The 100. The characters will likely never jokingly call character a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin, but that doesn’t mean the fans can’t figure out where they fit.

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If The 100 characters had been called to attend Hogwarts, they would have been sorted into one of four houses. Gryffindor seems fitting for most characters on the show, as it is the house for those whose motivations stem from bravery. Slytherin would also be fitting for the schemers and those after power, as the house is for those with cunning and ambition. Ravenclaw houses those who have a thirst for knowledge and understanding how things work. Hufflepuff is where those who have unflinching loyalty belong. At Hogwarts, there’s definitely a house for all the characters.

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10 Bellamy: Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff is a tough house for an apocalyptic world. When the world repeatedly ends, it’s easy to look out for yourself and ignore everyone else. Bellamy Blake had a few selfish moments, but ultimately, he’s loyal to his people, looking out for the most peaceful resolution to any conflict.

His Hufflepuff tendencies can be seen in his initial worry for his little sister. The entire reason Bellamy ends up on a ship for a possibly uninhabitable Earth is because he knows his sister is on it. “My sister, my responsibility” becomes his mantra. In Season Six, they’re at odds, but that’s only because he can’t help Octavia if she’s fighting him at every turn. Instead, his focus is on the bigger picture of all of humanity.

9 Echo: Slytherin

Echo The 100 Slytherin

Echo is ambitious, but not in the way of the usual Slytherin. While most Slytherins want power for themselves, Echo is more consumed with survival. She’s driven by her need to survive, and she’s got the smarts to do it.

She’s not traditionally smart or studious, like a Ravenclaw. Instead, her intelligence comes from scheming, fighting, and tricking her enemies. She reads people well, and understands betrayal as well as she does the odds of a match in hand-to-hand combat. Willing to play dirty if it means ensuring her survival, and, these days, the survival of Bellamy too, Echo is definitely a Slytherin.

8 Raven: Ravenclaw

Raven Reyes The 100 Ravenclaw

With a name like Raven, maybe belonging to this house was fate? If anyone on the show is a surefire Ravenclaw, it’s Raven Reyes. She is undoubtedly one of the smartest people to survive the events of the Earth’s second apocalypse.

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Raven doesn’t spend her time reading books, but she does spend her time figuring out how things work. On the Ark, she became an engineer and trained for space travel. When she made it to the ground, her knowledge of physics and architecture helped save the day more than once. Raven has been able to figure out the mechanics of nearly anything put in front of her, from the most primitive to the most advanced tech. Her mind is truly a curious one.

7 Octavia: Gryffindor

Octavia Blake The 100 Gryffindor

Octavia fell out of favor with a lot of other characters on the show because of her refusal to back down from fights. Her combative nature led to yet another conflict between the surviving humans on Earth, one that ultimately cost them the planet.

Some might be tempted to sort her into Slytherin because of the way she clung to her seat of power as the Red Queen. However, she only clung to that power because she was willing to do all the bad things so her people wouldn’t have to bear the guilt. Octavia, much like Clarke, has been willing to make the tough calls so that everyone else can blame her for them. The difference is that Octavia never really wanted to be in charge until she was stuck in that position.

6 Monty: Ravenclaw

Monty Green The 100 Ravenclaw

Monty excelled on the series in two very specific areas of knowledge: computers and agriculture.

Monty’s parents were in charge of cultivating plants for pharmaceuticals. As a result, he learned early in life how to get your harvest to produce without nutrient rich soil. He applied that knowledge on Earth, but also in space to create algae to keep his starving friends alive for five years. Monty never met a computer he couldn’t hack, and he even ran an entire spaceship, including the life support for everyone in cryostasis to make sure they survived while he lived out his life. He was a Ravenclaw with Hufflepuff sensibilities.

5 Harper: Hufflepuff

Harper The 100 Hufflepuff

When Harper first emerged early in the show, fans probably never thought they’d get to know her well enough to determine her Hogwarts house. She was largely a background character. Over time, she evolved into one of the biggest emotional touchstones the show offered.

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Harper was willing to defend herself or her friends if she had to, but she wasn’t a warrior. Instead, she was a hardworking Hufflepuff. Harper became the person willing to carry the injured back to camp, talk through every angle of a plan to find the holes, and the one who refused to let violence be humanity’s legacy. She chose to live out her life on a spaceship watching over her friends with Monty.

4 Murphy: Slytherin

John Murphy The 100 Slytherin

Like Echo, Murphy is a survivor. His ambitions haven’t made him want to be the one in charge, but the one to cheat death. His recent near-death experience in Season Six has only increased his drive.

To be fair to John Murphy, he’s evolved quite a bit over the course of the series. In the beginning of the show, he never met a con he didn’t like. He made it his mission to be the person holding all of the luxuries in a camp of teenagers. As time went on, his cons grew, and his ability to get himself out of sticky situations did as well. Now, he mostly uses his Slytherin traits for good, helping to make sure his friends survive as well.

3 Emori: Ravenclaw

Emori The 100 Ravenclaw

Emori was as much of a con artist as Murphy when she met him. As a result, there’s a certain temptation to sort her into Slytherin as well. Unlike Murphy, though, Emori has shown herself to have an aptitude for problem solving and knowledge-seeking that John doesn’t.

Emori adapted quickly when she learned Grounder rituals had roots in old science and technology. She absorbed information about that science like a sponge. While surviving in space with Bellamy, Echo, Murphy, Monty, Harper, and Raven, she even became Raven’s pupil, learning how to pilot a ship. She’s a strong fit for Ravenclaw.

2 Madi: Gryffindor

Madi Griffin The 100 Ravenclaw

One of the more recent additions to the main characters of The 100, Madi was a Grounder who managed to survive Pramfiya thanks to her nightblood. Clarke became the only family she knew for five years.

Their happy family changed when the rest of humanity emerged from a bunker and a spaceship as Madi faced a choice; she could fight and run with Clarke or she could embrace the position of Grounder Commander. Despite the danger, Madi chose the latter. Defying Clarke to put the flame in her head and lead the people might be the most Gryffindor thing a little girl in her situation could do.

1 Clarke: Slytherin

Clarke Griffin The 100 Slytherin

Clarke positioned herself as a leader from the moment the audience met her. She wanted so badly to get all of the 100 kids on the ground on her side that she found any means necessary to do it. With each season, she kept weighing her options, making the hard choices, and finding a way to make her side the right side.

Clarke is, in reality, a very selfish person in that it’s her way or no way - most of the time. She’s not above cutting ties with the people she loves to make sure she and Madi are safe. On the flip side, Clarke has also repeatedly used her tricks to benefit everyone but herself.

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