10 Most Disturbing Movie Pregnancies

Devils Due Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a miraculous event - a time of uncertainty, anticipation, and hopefulness that, for most, marks a major turning point in life. Still, despite the cravings, the cramps, and general discomfort, the promise of new life typically trumps even the most challenging hurdles.

Yet, for everything we know about it, there's plenty that can go wrong in those nine months - especially in the fictional world of movies. After all, if it wasn't essential to our continued survival, growing a future human inside of another person might otherwise sound like a horrific science experiment. As a result, it's no surprise that Hollywood has dreamed-up countless sci-fi and horror twists on pregnancy to make us think twice about any newly-formed life that might be growing inside.

To coincide with the release of the latest movie pregnancy-gone-wrong, Devil's Due, we bring you our picks for the 10 Most Disturbing Movie Pregnancies.

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