10Tailpipe Water Cannons – Thunderball

Having made Dr. No and From Russia With Love, Terence Young solidified himself as the granddaddy director of the Connery era films with the fourth film of the franchise. Thunderball is a cracking good flick, replete with jetpacks, oceanic fights and blackjack gaming between Bond and the villain, Largo, in a veritable tropical paradise.


is the running theme in this fourth Bond film, and it manages to permeate Q’s world of gadgets in a ludicrous way. In what was perhaps an early design model for the Super Soaker, Bond’s Aston-Martin uses tailpipe water cannons to ward off a group of guards. While these bad boys might have been all the rage in 1965, the producers over at Eon Productions have learned one thing in the fifty years since Thunderball: leave the industrial water hoses to the fire brigade.

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