10 Things Riverdale's Cast Has In Common With Their Characters

Already on its third season, Riverdale started off as "that show" based off the Archie comics, but it's so much more than that. With an entire roster of fresh faces, the cast of Riverdale has taken over the pop culture scene. Who exactly is Archie Andrews' KJ Apa? Is Cole Sprouse really as bad-to-the-bone as Jughead Jones? And what about Casey Cott? Does he fancy male attention like Kevin Keller? The fact that fans of the Archie comics get to relive the pages through the TV screen is outstanding, especially with a fresh-faced cast that leaves fans wanting to know more. This begs the question: how similar is the cast to their characters?

10 KJ Apa Loves Guitar As Much As Archie

Third season Archie has done a complete 180 from first season Archie. He started off wanting to be a music sensation. Writing songs with his secret lover/music teacher, Miss Grundy, Archie wanted to go to a specialized music school. However, times have changed. Archie is way too deep in the trenches to do something as pure as songwriting. In real life, however, KJ Apa also has a passion for music. When he was just 14 years old, he released an album called The Third Roomwhere he sang and played the electric guitar!

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9 Camila Mendes REALLY Can Sing Like Veronica

It doesn't take a rocket science to notice that the cast of Riverdale has talent in both acting and song. After seeing the show's version of Carrie, it was obvious that Camila Mendes has a set of pipes on her, just like Veronica Lodge. Some shows do musical numbers and will have the stars lip sync the song to a voice-over, but not with Camila. In fact, one glance at her older Instagram videos will show that Camila enjoys singing the favorites from time to time, just like bad girl-turned good girl, Veronica.

8 Lili Reinhart Is The Girl From A Small Town

In my eyes, Lili Reinhart is the stereotypical small-town girl doing big things. Hailing from a small town outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Lili and her mom would drive to New York "all the time" for auditions. She had a passion for acting and wanted to take it professionally when she turned 18 years old, which is the same time she made the move to LA. Obviously, the move to LA worked because a few months later she was cast as Betty Cooper. Likewise, Betty Cooper is also a small-town girl in the town of Riverdale who is bound for bigger things. Although her future is unknown at the moment, she already has a heck of a journalism career underway.

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7 Cole Sprouse Also Has A Passion For The Arts

Many people started watching Riverdale simply because of Jughead's Cole Sprouse. Known by Disney lovers for his role in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Cole has quite the following. And while his role on the show is polarizing, he and Jughead Jones have more in common than fans think. And no... I doubt Cole lives in a one-bedroom trailer with his dad. He has a passion for photography. While Jughead's apathy is for writing, Cole is dedicated to photographing his co-star girlfriend, Lili Reinhart, and powerhouses like Primark, Vogue, and models like Kendall Jenner.

6 Marc Consuelos Likes Being A Bad Boy

When Marc Consuelos first appeared in Riverdale, many knew him as Kelly Rippa's husband and for movies like Nine Lives, All We Had, and in the soap opera All My Children. However, when he's definitely mad a mark in Riverdale. Known as the strict father on screen, Marc Consuelos is similar off-screen with his three children. But something he likes more than being a strict dad is being a bad boy. "Initially, I only played good guys," he told Teen Vogue. "I played characters like Archie: the sweetheart, the hero that stands for everything that's good. And that's fun! So I went from being the boyfriend, to now the father of the girlfriend, who doesn't like the boyfriend." But it's a role that he enjoys playing; something he may not have the chance to do again.

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Mädchen Amick Also Has Two Kids

Younger fans of Riverdale probably didn't know who Mädhcen Amick was, but their parents definitely did. Amick has been acting for almost 30 years, starting off in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and now that she's in Riverdale, her star is reborn. And since there are many young folks who are getting accustomed with Mädchen, they should know that she has a similar family-life to Alice Cooper. You know, besides the murderous husband. Like Alice, Mädchen has two kids of her own. And while she and her husband raise their children differently than Polly and Betty, the need to protect her kids is a standout.

4 Casey Cott Is As Sure Of Himself As Kevin

One of the best parts about Kevin Keller is how sure of himself he is. He's a young gay man who is very open about his sexuality, and while it took him some time to come out to his dad, it was an accepting and moving moment when he did. While Casey Cott is straight in real life, what he finds in common with Kevin is their self-confidence. Just how Kevin seems to make friends with everyone at Riverdale High, Casey has done the same thing with the cast and crew. As evidence as their social media moments, Casey Cott seems to be BFFs with Veronica Lodge's Camila Mendes.

3 Madelaine Petsch Lost Her Way Like Cheryl

Whether you love or hate Cheryl Blossom, it's clear that Madelaine Petsch plays her fearlessly. Her attitude, her sassy one-liners, her killer style — Madelaine pulls off Cheryl Blossom better than anyone else ever could. But do the two have anything in common? After all, Cheryl started off as the show's bully, but now, she's loved for her angry outbursts. When asked about the similarities between herself and Cheryl, Madelaine said: "Our personalities are vastly different." However, when Madelaine was a teen, she also lost her way like Cheryl. "Every human being goes through a period of time in their life where they feel like they’ve lost who they are, and they’re trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be. And that’s where she’s at. I went through that around 16, but instead of externally lashing out at people, I was figuring it out internally. "

2 Skeet Ulrich's FP Jones Pulled A Similar Stunt To A Former Character

FP Jones is practically everyone's bad boy heartthrob. Although the Hollywood hunk is reaching 50, he has both men and women of all ages squealing when he's on screen.

In a recent episode of RiverdaleFP Jones climbed through a bedroom window to "save" Betty and Alice Cooper from the Gargoyle King. However, what many younger fans may not have noticed is that that window moment is similar to Ulrich's former character, Billy Loomis, in Scream. "It’s so apparent what the source material was," he grinned to Bustle. He continued saying, "It’s been a long time, obviously, since I made that movie and this is a very different character and world, but I think in a way, it really speaks to what Scream was, you know, this sort of self-effacing of the genre kind of film. They took components of that and used it in an interesting way."

1 Charles Melton Is The Typical Jock Like Reggie

After Ross Butler left Riverdale in season one, Charles Melton took his place as Reggie. And let's be real, he stole the show. Known as the typical hot-headed jock, Reggie cares about football and protecting his stomping grounds. Similar to Reggie, Melton is also somewhat a jock. Before acting full time, Melton played football in college as a defensive back at Kansas State University. However, he hung up his cleats after one too many concussions. After leaving college, Melton took to modeling when he landed his role on Riverdale after a few small roles.

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