10 Things That Might Happen In Season 3 Of Sabrina

Season 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina left off with a moderately happy ending... and some huge caveats to that. Yes, Sabrina reunited with her friends and smacked down the devil and his devilish plans. Zelda was freed from the yoke of Father Blackwood and then ascended to become the high priestess of the Church of Night. Prudence finally ditched her need for approval from Blackwood and decided to express her daddy issues by vowing to hunt down the jerk who jerked her around (and you know, tried to murder the entire coven of the Church of Night) instead. And after being subservient to Lucifer for thousands of years, Lilith decided to take the crown of hell for herself.

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But as we said, caveats. This season also ended with Sabrina's boyfriend Nick sacrificing his body to imprison Lucifer and save Sabrina. After his litany of hideous crimes, Father Blackwood managed to escape with his twins, Judas and Judith. And in a particularly Game of Thrones-ish turn, Sabrina discovered that Lucifer was her father, and he wanted to be her husband. Safe to say, there are a lot of open questions and plot threads that need to be resolved. So what can we expect, or at least hope, to see in season 3 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

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10 Girl On Girl Crime

Part 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ended with Sabrina conveniently escaping the grasp of the devil and with Lilith conveniently usurping the throne from her former master, but there seems to be some obvious potential for conflict here. Over the course of the season, it was revealed that Sabrina was Lucifer's daughter and his intended wife (which, ew), which would have made Sabrina into the queen of hell. Now that Lilith really is the queen of hell, it seems like Sabrina's competing claim to the throne might become a serious issue between the two of them. Sabrina might have no desire to take Lucifer's place on the throne but she has always had a big problem with authority, so things might get interesting if Lilith issues a command that Sabrina doesn't want to obey.

9 The Past Coming Back To Haunt The Mortal Squad

Over the course of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you might have noticed that all of Sabrina's friends from the mortal world seem to have some very significant connections to the overarching supernatural plotline going back for generations. It's possible that the writers just did that for the sake of convenient storytelling, but it seems unlikely. We all know that Sabrina has a destiny that has already been chosen for her, but can the same be said for Harvey, Roz, or Theo? Is it a coincidence that Harvey's family seems to literally own the highway to hell? Is it just a fluke that Theo's ancestor saved the Greendale thirteen? It seems like there are a whole lot of questions about Sabrina's mortal squad that still need answering.

8 Nick's Rescue... Or Not

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 Nick Scratch

Sabrina was pretty clear that her number one priority is rescuing her boyfriend from the clutches of the devil himself at the very end of season two, so it's safe to assume that the launching pad for season three is going to be Brina and the whole gang saving Nick ASAP.

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But just because they'll set out to do it doesn't mean they'll succeed. Sabrina has had a lot of luck when it comes to getting what she wants and accomplishing her goals, but Nick is a flesh and bone jail cell for Satan. Unfortunately, it might take a bit more than a plucky attitude and a little can-do spirit to save him.

7 The Church Of Girl Power

After dealing with her wretched husband all season, Zelda managed to come out on top. It seems like poetic justice that Zelda is taking Father Blackwood's place as the leader and first high priestess of the Church of Night, and it's safe to say that Zelda will be tackling her leadership role with a more feminist perspective. But how far is Zelda going to go? The restrictions on the witches in the church are bound to be overthrown post haste, but it seems like a very real possibility that Zelda might force that pendulum to swing a little too far in the other direction, and instead of taking things in a more egalitarian direction we might see the ladies coming out on top.

6 More Ms. Wardwell

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Michelle Gomez as Ms Wardwell

Sabrina was understandably thrilled to get her fave teacher back after Lilith finally decided to vacate Ms. Wardwell's body. However, there seems to be an obvious problem with the possessed Mary suddenly being in control of her own body once again. When Lilith was occupying Ms. Wardwell, what exactly was happening to Ms. Wardwell? Was she trapped inside of herself, aware but not in control? Did she basically have a months-long blackout? And if that's the case, isn't she going to have a whole lot of questions about the time that she's lost and how drastically her life seems to have changed in her mental absence?

5 The Hunt For Father Blackwood

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Father Blackwood son

Father Blackwood had quite an eventful season. Some of his greatest hits of the year included issuing edicts oppressing women of the coven, murdering the anti-Pope and framing Ambrose for it, and then attempting to murder the entire coven before fleeing. His scorned daughter Prudence has already vowed to hunt him down for his numerous crimes and betrayals, and it's a pretty safe bet that she's not the only one who'll be hunting him.

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Prudence and Ambrose seem like the natural allies who will embark on this mission, but they probably won't be the only ones.  It's been heavily implied that Blackwood is responsible for the deaths of Sabrina's parents, and we all know he's responsible for Zelda's abuse. Could the hunt for Faustus become a Spellman family affair?

4 Mama And Papa Spellman's Deal With The Devil

Chilling Adventures has shown us glimpses into the Spellman's deal with Lucifer, but there is still so much that's unexplained. Is a child all that Diana and Edward got out of the deal? Did they actually know what they signed up for, or what they signed Sabrina up for? What is Sabrina, really? Is she half mortal and half devil, or some weird combo of all three of her "parents"? And why did Satan wait literally thousands of years before creating his daughter-bride? There are way more questions here than there are answers, and season three will hopefully shed a little bit of light on some of these unsolved mysteries in the Spellman's past.

3 A Test Of Sabrina's Powers

Sabrina isn't your average witch, and her powers aren't that of an average witch either. Since she has the blood of the literal devil inside of her it makes sense that her mojo seems borderline miraculous. But what other hidden powers does she have that are just waiting to be revealed? She can heal the blind and resurrect the dead (or almost dead), but those abilities she only discovered by accident. And Lilith told Sabrina that she restored all of her powers at the end of the season, but what are the chances that she was telling the truth? Could Lilith control them even if she wanted to? Sabrina tends to discover her own strength in trials by fire (sometimes literally), so no doubt she'll discover more of her magic when things start to get dangerous.

2 Apocalypse, Again

After some serious trials and tribulations, Sabrina managed to foil Lucifer's plan for the apocalypse. Not too shabby for a high schooler. However, this is the devil we're talking about. He has certainly had more than enough time to plan for his endgame, and he always seems to have another trick up his sleeve.

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So Sabrina managed to foil this plan, but that doesn't mean there's no plan B. And although Satan is currently sidelined, he's not the only one who was banking on bringing hell to earth. Sabrina may have won the battle, but this is a war that has been raging for millennia, and there's no way that it's going to be stopped by one setback.

1 Perhaps A Revelation About Nick Scratch

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Nick Scratch

Nick Scratch seems to simply be Sabrina's loving and devoted warlock honey. But if we've learned anything from Chilling Adventures it's that things are rarely simple and aren't always as they seem. Some of the savvier Sabrina fans have noticed that there could be some obvious hidden meaning in Nick's name. Both "Old Nick" and "Mr. Scratch" happen to be old nicknames for the devil. Now, this could be an allusion to how Nick ultimately ended up as a human prison for Satan, but maybe there's more to it. It seems unlikely that any average Joe could hold in all of that devilish power. Maybe it's just Nick's warlock nature, however, there could be something more there. Either way, we can't wait to find out.

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