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Terrifying Scenarios Apollo 13

If you think fictionalized astronauts floating in space is scary (a la Gravity), then a similar tale that actually happened should be even worse. Ron Howard’s cinematic telling of the failed Apollo 13 mission serves up plenty of tension and suspense - even if you already know how the

captivating true story ends.

Making this (slightly) bearable is the fact that NASA is fully aware of the situation and their employees are hard at work to devise a way to get the astronauts home safely. Still, there are several obstacles Jim Lovell and his crew must overcome. The temperatures could freeze any of the crew to death and rising carbon dioxide levels are near-fatal. Due to the poor condition of their module, the protagonists are also unsure which systems (including the heat shield) are intact - making the reentry into Earth’s atmosphere an extremely frightening trip.

The crew goes through a lot of emotions during Apollo 13 and after watching the treacherous ordeal, non-spacefarers will be happy they're on solid ground.

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