10 Quotes From Scrubs That Are Still Hilarious Today

Scrubs may have ended years ago, but some of those quotes still stick with fans. After all, how many of these quotes have you managed to reference on a regular basis? Okay, admittedly it's some more than others, but that doesn't make the others any less enjoyable!Scrubs was full of iconic and hilarious moments, resulting in some of the most amazing quotes. And there are certainly plenty of memorable ones! So here we've collected ten of our favorite quotes, that are still funny despite the amount of time that has gone by. We hope you laugh as much as we did, while recalling them.

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10 Shower Shorts?

9 Appendix

8 Your Ex-Wife

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7 No Barbie

6 Cute Butt

5 Tiny Hands

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4 Great Idea

3 See Ya

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2 A Concussion

1 Shouldn't Be Mopping Here

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