Myers Briggs Personality Types Of 10 Marvel Villains

Most Marvel villains may not be as beloved or famous as their heroic counterparts, but there are still plenty of bad guys from the Marvel Universe that have some seriously cool powers. Some Marvel villains can even be considered the most intriguing and complex characters of all time. What they do and what they stand for goes far beyond taking over the galaxy. However, it can be challenging to fully understand these characters without the assistance of a personality test such as Myers-Briggs.

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This list will delve into the personalities and psyches of some of Marvel's most monstrous characters in order to allow you to better understand them. Without further ado, here are 10 Myers-Briggs Personality Types of Marvel Villains.

10. Doctor Octopus -  INTP

It shouldn't be a surprise that many of the villains on this list are classified as "Logicians" on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. This is because many Marvel villains, like Doctor Otto Octavius, are incredible thinkers. A lot of them even are scientists by trade.

Doc Ock is a "Logician" because he's an abstract thinker. This is how he was able to develop the technology that ended up making him into a monster. He has almost always been portrayed as an eccentric, which is also a trait of this particular personality type. But along with this comes an insensitivity which Doc Ock most definitely has as well. This is what makes him so comfortable doing 'bad' things in the name of science.

9. Doctor Doom - INTJ

Doctor Victor Von Doom is a prime candidate for the "Architect" category of the Myers-Briggs test. After all, this Fantastic Four villain spends most of his time coming up with elaborate schemes to control the world, or, at least, refine it to how he'd like it to be.

Like most "Architects", Doctor Doom is extremely self-confident. There's rarely a shred of insecurity in his being. He's also a master tactician, which makes him a formidable antagonist for the Fantastic Four and the other Marvel heroes that he has faced over the years. Doom also prefers working alone, even if it seems like he's working with other baddies, which is another common trait of the Architect.

8. Loki - ENTJ

Of all the Myers-Briggs personality types it's most common for Marvel villains to fall under the "Commander" category. After all, most classic villains do. Loki is a prime candidate for this type. This is because he's a natural born leader. However, this is mostly because he's incapable of following others. Even when you think he is falling in line, Loki usually has a trick up his sleeve. This makes him exceptionally good at double-crossing others. In order to do this, he uses another "Commander" trait; being a strategic thinker. Loki is also fairly energetic, which is another common trend with "Commanders".

7. Thanos - ENTJ

Thanos Snaps in Avengers Infinity War

Thanos may just be the ultimate "Commander". After all, he believes that he is the one to balance the universe, solving a great number of things he deems as issues (some of which are totally legitimate). His charisma and inspirational attitude attract many to his cause. This, of course, is how he was able to build his army and The Black Order.

His stubbornness keeps him devoted to his path, but also causes him to lose the people he supposedly loves. This is also a trait of "Commanders". This also makes him particularly cold-hearted as he doesn't know how to handle his emotions, which are certainly hidden within that purple exterior.

6. Dormmamu -  ENTJ

The Doctor Strange villain Dormmamu is a primordial inter-dimensional entity that has apocalyptic powers. He's also the ruler of the Dark Dimension where he was trapped. Because of the sheer amount of powers that this being possesses, he's developed a bit of a God-complex (not undeservedly!). This makes him a prime candidate for the "Commander" category of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test.

The cold and ruthless traits that many "Commanders" have, are clearly present in Dormmamu. He cares about nothing but himself and getting what he wants. He's also quite impatient, which is one of the ways that Doctor Strange beats him when using a time loop.

5. Sabretooth - ESTP

Sabretooth would be classified as an "Entrepreneur' on the Myers-Briggs personality test. This is because he tends to be risk-prone and isn't really good with structure. Sabretooth is usually out on his own attempting to accomplish multiple tasks at once. However, he's highly skilled at this, and usually manages to accomplish a great number of them.

Although he's very driven, mostly to best Wolverine, he's often one to miss the bigger picture. But he can get there in the end, meaning that he can come around at the very last minute. This usually takes the form of him joining forces with Wolverine to take on a more serious common threat.

4. Ultron - ENTJ

Ultron is the creation that became the creator. This means that he's almost definitely a "Commander". His will to dominate and control makes him this type. Ultron is also riddled with a sort of arrogance that can only be shaken with an incredible loss. But even then, he's prone to thinking he's superior to others. This intolerance comes out in a "My way or the highway" attitude. However, he does show that he has a charismatic personality.

He's also pretty bad at handling his emotions. Otherwise, he might work through the fact that he essentially has daddy-issues with Tony Stark.

3. Malekith - ISTJ

Christopher Eccleston as Malekith in Thor The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World villain, Malekith, would be classified as a "Logistician" on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. This is because he is very strong-willed and dutiful. In Malekith's case, he is extremely dedicated to the cause of the Dark Elves. He also has an eerily calm demeanor which is quite typical when it comes to "Logisticians". In fact, it can be quite intimidating to those who cross him.

But these traits also tend to make him stick to the plan more so than most. It's a form of stubbornness which tends to lead to his downfall. He also tends to unreasonably blame others, which is a major part of being a "Logistician".

2. Mephisto - ENTJ

Mephisto would be a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it comes time to introduce another villain. This is because he possesses all the major traits of a "Commander". This means that he's more than capable of leading countless others when attempting to accomplish his nefarious goals.

Mephisto is the closest thing that Marvel has to a "Devil", which is why he looks so similar to the classic despictions of this kind of character. But they have far more in common than just looks. They both have the desire to rule and take control of others. They can also do so in charismatic ways, which makes them particularly challenging to deal with.

1. Magneto - ENTJ

Magneto may just be the best "Commander" on this list. This is because his goals are based in a heartfelt and authentic desire to save the mutants from persecution. However, the way he tends to go about this is often seen as ruthless or downright "bad". But the fact that he truly believes in what he's fighting for endears him to others who think (or could think) the same way. These are all typical ENTJ traits.

But with Magneto's selfless goal comes a level of arrogance that may be unmatched in the Marvel world. Additionally, Magneto has a poor grip on his emotions which tend to get the better of him. There's no doubt that he'd be a "Commander" on the Myers-Briggs test.

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