10 Movies We're Looking Forward To: December 2017

The year in movies that was 2017 is almost behind us. Still, these final months have brought all kinds of cinematic goodies for moviegoers of all tastes. From the high-energy spectacle of Thor: Ragnarok to the universally beloved character drama of Lady Bird, November brought many noteworthy films to the forefront. Perhaps the most talked-about release remains Justice League, with its theatrical cut perpetuating rumors of what footage was left on the cutting room floor. Then, of course, there was Disney and Pixar's latest epic, Coco, which made headlines not only for its heartfelt story but the much-maligned Frozen "short" film attached to it.

So it's easy to say that December has its work cut out for it, as far as ramping up the conversation among casual moviegoers and cinephiles alike. But with several awards contenders and the insanely anticipated return to the "galaxy far, far away" entering the fray, we're confident that we'll have plenty to discuss and analyze in the weeks ahead.

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Without further delay, let's jump right into the 10 films we're looking forward to in December 2017:

The Disaster Artist, The Shape of Water and I, Tonya (this page)

The Disaster Artist (Release Date: December 1)

The Room is rightfully heralded as one of the best bad movies ever made. In the years since its 2003 release, writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau's bananas "drama" about how personal betrayal tears apart the life of an ordinary man has gained cult status and inspired co-star Greg Sestero to chronicle its bizarre behind-the-scenes story in a popular book a decade later.

Now James Franco has brought the titular book to life in The Disaster Artist, which hits theaters this month. The film stars Franco as Wiseau and Dave Franco as Sestero, following the two of them as their friendship and collaboration brings The Room to life. Following its premiere at South by Southwest, the film has steadily gained buzz for its delicate, Ed Wood-esque handling of Wiseau and Franco's performance. For both fans of The Room and newcomers, this is a must-see.

Check out the latest trailer for The Disaster Artist.

The Shape of Water (Release Date: December 1)

The Shape of Water

Check out any of director Guillermo del Toro's previous films, and one thing becomes crystal clear: the man really loves his monsters. Whether it's an adaptation like Hellboy or an original creation like Pan's Labyrinth, del Toro's passion for practical creature effects is palpable. The Shape of Water promises to be no exception, as it uses the connection between a mute woman (Sally Hawkins) and a sea creature (del Toro regular Doug Jones) as an allegory for forbidden love.

Early on in its festival run, The Shape of Water was proclaimed to be del Toro's best film in years, thanks in large part to standout performances from Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Octavia Spencer and Richard Jenkins. In the midst of awards season, the film's prospects are only growing, with many predicting it could be the first del Toro release to break into the Best Picture and Best Director categories.

Check out the latest trailer for The Shape of Water.

I, Tonya (Release Date: December 8)

Margot Robbie in I, Tonya

To be fair, Margot Robbie's career has been steadily inching forward since her breakthrough role in The Wolf of Wall Street. However, her committed performance as fan-favorite Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad is perhaps the one she's best known for, as it propelled the Australian actress into the mainstream. With I, Tonya, Robbie positions herself as one of the most gifted young stars of her generation.

Hitting limited release this month, the film delves deep into the real-life story of figure skater Tonya Harding and the scandal involving an attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan in 1994. Director Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl) transforms this bizarre tale into a compelling character-based dark comedy without sacrificing the emotion behind it all. Robbie and co-star Allison Janney also have earned some of the best reviews of their careers for their work here.

Check out the latest trailer for I, Tonya.

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