10 Movies Opening Xmas 2018 Weekend

With Christmas Day being on a Tuesday this year, many families are gearing up for an epic holiday celebration all weekend long, leading into Christmas Eve/Day. There will be lights, Christmas music, and a whole lot of food. But with so much time to spare until old Saint-Nic arrives, there's only so much a family can do. With some time on their hands, heading to the movies as a family is the perfect way to see something new as a unit (while spending $20 on a small popcorn). From action to comedy to comic book-inspired, we've got the top 10 movies to see Christmass weekend when you have some time to kill.

10 Welcome to Marwen (Friday, Dec 21)

Kicking the weekend off right, Welcome to Marwen's opening day is on Friday, the 21st. Starring Steve Carell (Mark Hogancamp), it's based off the 2010 documentary, Marwencol. After admitting that Mark enjoys being a cross-dresser, he's attacked by a group of burly men and left for dead. Magically, he survived and is now picking up the pieces of his "new" adult life. Not being able to do some of the things he used to do, Hogancamp (Carrell) now spends his time creating mini-figurines of WWII soldiers; soldiers based off people he actually knows. The movie is a combination of real-time and Toy Story-esque shooting, making it one of the most intriguing movies to come out this Christmas.

9 Aquaman (Friday, Dec 21)

The time is now! Aquaman is officially here! Starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, the long-awaited movie follows how Aquaman came to be. As a member of the DC Universe, Momoa (who stars as Arthur, aka Aquaman) will give you chills as he says "I am the protector the deep" in the movie's trailer. After learning about the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, Arthur trains his entire life to become the hero Atlantis is looking for. The movie also features other big names like Nicole Kidman (Athena), Willem Dafoe (Vulko), and Patrick Wilson (King Orm), which shows how many brilliant minds are behind this James Wan film.

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8 BumbleBee (Friday, December 21)

Everyone knows BumbleBee as the adorable superhero from the Transformer's franchise; but now, he's getting a movie all on his own. Starting at the beginning in 1987, BumbleBee lands on earth and is found by Hailee Steinfeld's Charlie Watson. After repairing the beat-up Volkswagen Beetle, Charlie learns that this is no normal car — this is a transformer named BumbleBee. Repairing BumbleBee, however, accidentally signals Decepticons Shatter and Dropkick where he's located. From there, the race is on from the government to find safety. Releasing on the Friday before Christmas, the movie also stars WWE superstar John Cena, Justin Theroux, and Dylan O'Brien as the voice of BumbleBee himself.

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7 Cold War (Friday, December 21)

If you're more into darker, more realistic films, perhaps Cold War is your go-to movie on Christmas weekend. This love story could be the perfect date night movie before heading off to look at holiday lights. Giving the crowd a vintage feel, the entire movie is shot in black and white. Based in the 1950s after the Cold War, completely different people find love in a hopeless place. With times being tough in Europe, Joanna Kulig's Zula and Tomasz Kot's Wiktor go through the wringer in their relationship and can't seem to stay away from one another. Directed and written by Canne's Film Festival's Best Director, Pawel Pawlikowski, Cold War takes you back in time beautifully.

6 Holmes And Watson (Tuesday, December 25)

Attention all Step Brothers fans, this movie is for you! Holmes and Watson stars comedians Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as the classic duo, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Known as the "greatest detective of all time," Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are on a mission to save the queen from an assassin. Known for his odd yet brilliant ways of solving crime, Ferrell's Holmes will make you laugh out loud while also scratching your head. As it is with ever Ferrell and Reilly film, you'll be sure to have the giggles while watching these two try to save the queen. Directed by Etan Cohen, the movie also showcases the talents of Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series), Kelly MacDonald, and Rebecca Hall.

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5 On the Basis of Sex (Tuesday, December 25)

Houston, I think we have a hit on our hands. On the Basis of Sex is a true story based off Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Based in the '60s and '70s, Bader Ginsburg graduates from Harvard Law School while battling sexism to accomplish her dreams. Sick and tired of allowing her gender to interfere with her passions and way of life, she teams up with her husband to fight for equality. With Felicity Jones portraying an inspiring Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Armie Hammer acting as her husband, Marin D. Ginsburg, these two will give inspiration and praise to those seeing it come Christmas Day.

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4 Destroyer (Tuesday, December 25)


Nicole Kidman stars as former LAPD cop Erin Bell, need we say more? Destroyer revolves around a young Kidman who goes undercover with a California gang. When her position goes up in flames with negative consequences, Bell's life is affected forever. Many years later, however, the leader of that gang emerges, am Bell finds herself needing to confront the past in order to make peace in the present.

Many critics have praised Kidman for her work, saying it's the best she's ever done. In fact, she already won an award at the Noir Film Festival for her efforts, and something tells me more is on the way.

3 Vice (Tuesday, December 25)

This is the intriguing tale of Dick Cheney and his goal of becoming the Vice President of the United States. Starring acting legend Christian Bale as Cheney, Vice shows him working with former President of the United States, George W. Bush, to come together for the country. With Amy Adams acting as Dick's wife, Lynne Cheney, Steve Carell acting as Donald Rumsfeld, and Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush, this movie is quite possibly Oscar territory. The quietly smart tale will give viewers an inside view of the man behind the title who's presence we still see today.

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2 Second Act (Friday, December 21)

The holiday season brings a ton of new movies to our screens every year. Some are horror-based while others are holiday-themed, but there's nothing like a good romantic comedy to leave you feeling good on this magical weekend. Second Act features Jennifer Lopez (Maya) as she pretends her way into a job that's over her head. After working for a low-paying, meaningless job, Maya proves to herself and others that you can do anything you want in life regardless of a college degree. It's funny, lighthearted, and sheds a light on the world of working for "the man."

1 If Beale Street Could Talk (Tuesday, December 25)

Once all the gifts have been opened, it's time to head to the movies to see If Beale Street Could Talk before dinner. With the same filmmaker as the hit Moonlight, this film shows a woman in a desperate plea to prove her fiance is innocent of murder. Kiki Layne steals the show as Tish Rivers, with Stephan James as Alonzo Hunt. Based off James Baldwin's novel of the same name, Tish finds herself in a predicament when she finds out she's pregnant while her fiance is in a prison cell. With the help of her family, her deep love for her partner, and faith in the truth, this movie is bound to make you feel all the feels.

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