10 Movies We're Looking Forward To: May 2018

Deadpool 2 Wade Wilson

Even though Avengers: Infinity War was long thought to be a May release, its move to April certainly seems to be paying off. The film is still in its opening weekend as of this writing and is already riding a wave of positive buzz and impressive box office forecasts. Still, the Marvel juggernaut was far from the only smash hit to come out last month, as director/star John Krasinski's horror-thriller A Quiet Place struck a chord with audiences. Likewise, Dwayne Johnson's giant monster movie Rampage and R-rated comedy Blockers both look likely to turn a tidy profit.

This month is a bit lighter on the blockbuster, though it does feature a pair of the summer's biggest heavy-hitters. Nevertheless, moviegoers of all kinds should find something worthwhile in the weeks ahead, as the summer movie season proper finally falls upon us. Without further delay, here are the 10 films we're looking forward to in May 2018.

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10. Dark Crimes (Release Date: May 18)

Jim Carrey made a career out of playing silly characters like Ace Ventura and The Mask, but the actor has demonstrated in the past that he has a lot more to him than just a funny bone. In the new thriller Dark Crimes (which receives a limited theatrical release this month), Carrey seems determined to remind audiences just how serious he can be.

Based on a 2008 article in The New Yorker titled True Crime: A Postmodern Murder Mystery, Dark Crimes follows a detective (Carrey) who discovers a sinister secret behind a murder case. The actor is exceptionally melancholy and somber in the film, which makes director Alexandros Avranas' latest an off-the-beaten-path selection for moviegoers on the hunt for a small-scale mystery.

Check out the latest trailer for Dark Crimes.

9. Life of the Party (Release Date: May 11)

Melissa McCarthy Life of the Party

For obvious reasons, filmmaker Ben Falcone and real-life wife Melissa McCarthy just can't stop working together. After collaborating on comedies like Tammy and The Boss (both starring McCarthy and directed by Falcone), the pair is at it again with Life of the Party, co-writing this story of a middle-aged mother who returns to college after her husband asks for a divorce.

McCarthy's track record at the box office has been a bit spotty in recent years, with 2015 hit Spy her last bonafide hit. Perhaps Life of the Party can be something of a course-correction then. Supporting turns from talented people like Molly Gordon, Gillian Jacobs, Maya Rudolph and Jacki Weaver certainly offers an additional incentive to check out McCarthy's latest film.

Check out the latest trailer for Life of the Party.

8. Mary Shelley (Release Date: May 25)

Biopics are all the rage these days, especially if they also wind up being period pieces. In that case, Mary Shelley is already ahead of the curve. Haifaa al-Mansour directs the film, which explores the romantic life of the titular author. Mary Shelley also chronicles the experiences that inspired her to write Frankenstein as well as her struggles to get the book published.

Elle Fanning stars as Shelley in her latest effort to illustrate her range, following films like The Neon Demon and The Beguiled. Mary Shelley features a supporting cast that includes Douglas Booth, Bel Powley, Ben Hardy and Maisie Williams. The film arrives in select theaters this month after debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall.

Check out the latest trailer for Mary Shelley.

7. Overboard (Release Date: May 4)


Given the original's cult classic status, we suppose a remake of the 1987 Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell comedy Overboard was inevitable. The setup — which sees a blue-collar worker convince a spoiled heiress that she is his wife — has that broad appeal that translates easily to a crowd-pleasing comedy, and both roles really present the opportunity to showcase two gifted performers.

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While no one would have pegged Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris as the right stars to bring Overboard into the new millennium, we have to give director Rob Greenberg's film credit for gender-flipping the two leads. The original film played too easily on sexist stereotypes, and while some similar problems might be present in this new version, at least it's attempting something different with its approach of the material.

Check out the latest trailer for Overboard.

6. First Reformed (Release Date: May 18)

Ethan Hawke in First Reformed

Few people in Hollywood have a pedigree like Paul Schrader. The legendary screenwriter of classics like Taxi Driver and Raging Bull also has a long history as a director himself, having helmed films like American Gigolo and the Oscar-winning Affliction. Now he returns with another harrowing thriller dealing with grief, loss and intrigue and hitting limited release this month.

First Reformed stars Ethan Hawke as a former military chaplain grieving the death of his son. However, his sorrowful life becomes far more complex when he meets a young woman (Amanda Seyfried) in desperate need of counseling for her husband. Early reactions to Schrader's film have been largely positive, and with that premise and talented cast, First Reformed could be a sleeper hit this month.

Check out the latest trailer for First Reformed.

5. How to Talk to Girls at Parties (Release Date: May 25)

Nicole Kidman in How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Fans of filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell have faced a long wait since his last directorial effort, Rabbit Hole, hit theaters back in 2010. Now at last, Mitchell — best known as the director and star of 2001 cult classic Hedwig and the Angry Inch — releases his next film, How to Talk to Girls at Parties, in select theaters this month. Needless to say, the film looks just as distinctive as his other projects.

Based on the Neil Gaiman short story, the film is billed as a sci-fi romantic comedy and follows an alien (Elle Fanning, in her second appearance on this month's list) who gets sidetracked while exploring Earth during a visit to a London suburb. In expanding Gaiman's original tale, How to Talk to Girls at Parties hopes to add new dimension to it. At the very least, Nicole Kidman's supporting turn should be fun.

Check out the latest trailer for How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

4. Breaking In (Release Date: May 11)

For the past two decades, Gabrielle Union has shifted from one genre to the next with impressive ease. Whether in comedic roles like Bring It On or action-heavy ones like Bad Boys II, Union never fails to bring a level of charisma to every project she takes on. But despite all the films she's appeared in, the actress has never really gotten the chance to take center stage as an action hero. Until now.

In Breaking In, she plays a single mother heading to her deceased father's mansion to settle his estate, with her children in tow. When they arrive, however, they find that criminals are intent on making off with the contents of the house's vault. What follows is an action-thriller that essentially looks like a combination of Taken and Panic Room. With a star like Union at the center of it, we couldn't be more interested.

Check out the latest trailer for Breaking In.

3. Tully (Release Date: May 4)

Jason Reitman's career has historically been all over the map. Films like Thank You for Smoking, Up in the Air and Juno were critically lauded and remain perhaps his best works. However, his last pair of releases — Labor Day and Men, Women and Children — failed to make much of an impact. With any luck, Reitman's second collaboration with his Young Adult star Charlize Theron will be just what he needs.

Tully — which features a script by Juno and Young Adult screenwriter Diablo Cody — tells the story of a struggling mother (Theron) who receives the services of a night nanny (Mackenzie Davis) as a gift from her brother. At his best, Reitman has been able to perfectly balance humor and heart to create relatable and engaging human relationships. Tully could very well be the film that gets his career back on track.

Check out the latest trailer for Tully.

2. Solo: A Star Wars Story (Release Date: May 25)

Han Solo and Chewbacca

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, fans were struck by not only the announcement of a new trilogy but anthology-style standalone adventures set in that iconic "galaxy far, far away." Now, Solo: A Star Wars Story — as only the second of these such installments in the franchise, following Rogue One — has to escape the shadow of Harrison Ford and the stigma of a troubled production to deliver another hit.

Alden Ehrenreich (Hail, Caesar!) steps into the Millennium Falcon's cockpit as the inimitable Han Solo, but while fans are anxious to see if he can handle the character's signature wry humor and confident swagger, they are just as excited to see Donald Glover's take on a young Lando Calrissian. Between those two and a supporting cast that includes Paul Bettany, Thandie Newton, Woody Harrelson and Emilia Clarke, Solo is giving Star Wars fans plenty to look forward to this month.

Check out the latest trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

1. Deadpool 2 (Release Date: May 18)

Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2

Once upon a time, Deadpool was a character only beloved by hardcore comic book fans or those who really, really loved X-Men: Origins — Wolverine for some reason. Then 2016 happened, and Ryan Reynolds got the chance to truly step into the role for real this time. Deadpool turned out to be the second highest-grossing R-rated film of all time and the most successful X-Men film ever made.

So now that we know that an R rating is officially no longer an obstacle for superhero blockbusters in this golden age of comic book movies, where does Deadpool 2 go next? According to the marketing, the film — from director David Leitch (Atomic Blonde, John Wick) — takes the Merc with the Mouth into a team dynamic, as he creates the militant mutant group X-Force to face off against Josh Brolin's Cable. It's the actor's second consecutive Marvel antagonist role (after Thanos in Infinity War), and we can't wait.

Check out the latest trailer for Deadpool 2.


May has a wide assortment of promising new releases in store for audiences, but of course, most eyes will fall to Solo: A Star Wars Story and Deadpool 2. Although both films are franchise installments, they each represent an ambitious approach to a beloved property. The former, of course, aims to prove that the success of Rogue One wasn't a fluke and that fans will accept new actors stepping into iconic Star Wars roles. The latter, on the other hand, looks to duplicate the phenomenal success of its predecessor and introduce X-Force and its heroes to mainstream audiences.

No matter what happens, we're looking forward to all the cinematic goodness May will bring, and with any luck, the month will have a pleasant surprise or two for moviegoers.

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