Bruce Willis & Michael Chiklis Star In 10 Minutes Gone Movie Trailer

Lionsgate releases the 10 Minutes Gone movie trailer. Directed by Brian A. Miller, the heist thriller stars Bruce Willis and Michael Chiklis.

10 Minutes Gone Bruce Willis

Lionsgate releases the 10 Minutes Gone movie trailer. Directed by Brian A. Miller, the heist thriller stars Bruce Willis and Michael Chiklis. 10 Minutes Gone marks the fourth feature film collaboration between Willis and Miller.

In 10 Minutes Gone, Willis portrays a mob boss named Rex, and enlists Chiklis’ Frank to round up the appropriate crew for a big-time jewel heist. When the plan goes horribly wrong and Frank loses his memory, he must piece together the facts to figure out how and why he was crossed. 10 Minutes Gone follows Frank’s quest for truth as he confronts each member of the heist crew. Meanwhile, Rex plans to silence Frank forever in order to protect his business. 10 Minutes Gone was written by Kelvin Mao and Jeff Jingle, marking their feature film debuts as screenwriters. The heist film also co-stars Meadow Williams, Kyle Schmid, and Texas Battle. Miller previously directed Willis in The Prince, Vice, and Reprisal. Miller’s last film, Backtrace, stars Sylvester Stallone.

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Lionsgate released the 10 Minutes Gone trailer. The clip begins with Willis’ Rex setting up the big job, which is followed by the usual team introduction. Frank’s crew includes a hacker and “one of the toughest guys on the circuit." Rex also describes Frank as “one of the best lock men outside of New York.” The 10 Minutes Gone trailer then ramps up, as Frank and company have 30 seconds to pull of the focal job, but are somehow tipped off to the police. Midway through, an unidentified assailant cracks Frank over the head, which appears to function as the film’s inciting incident. From there, grindhouse-style voiceover narration plays over sequences in which Frank desperately attempts to connect the dots. Meanwhile, Rex applies even more pressure and waits for answers about the failed heist. Overall, the clip includes the usual heist lingo, with both leads sporting bald heads and dishing out clever one-liners. Check out the 10 Minutes Gone trailer and poster below.

10 Minutes Gone Poster

As performers, Willis is known for his big screen action flicks, while Chiklis is best known for television roles. In the ‘90s, Chiklis portrayed Tony Scali on the ABC legal drama The Commish, and later headlined the popular FX series The Shield, in which he starred as corrupt Los Angeles detective Vic Mackey. Most recently, he appeared in Fox’s Gotham as Captain Nathaniel Barnes aka The Executioner. On the big screen, Chiklis hasn’t landed many high-profile roles since portraying Ben Grimm aka The Thing in the poorly received franchise films Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Based on the 10 Minutes Gone trailer, it seems Chiklis will effectively complement Willis as a secondary lead. While both actors may not necessarily appeal to younger viewers who are interested in younger stars, they will attract actions fans who appreciate the leads' past roles. And given that Miller has plenty of experience working with big names from the action genre, perhaps 10 Minutes Gone will lead to something bigger, whether it’s a deal with a streaming service like Netflix or a studio offering a larger budget. 

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Source: Lionsgate

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