10 Minute Batman Begins Preview

One of the reasons I was looking forward to the Smallvills season finale was for the 10 minute preview of Batman Begins.

I've been a huge cheerleader for the film here at Screen Rant and I have to say that I liked the preview.

Notice I didn't say "love".

Now I realize that this was just 10 minutes of various scenes from the film, but... Have you ever found yourself trying really, really hard to like a movie that you've been looking forward to even though it wasn't that great? That's kind of how I felt about this preview.

I was watching it with my wife and after it was over I wanted to turn to her and say "See, did that kick butt, or what?!". Unfortunately I didn't really feel that way about it.

Sure, there were parts of it I really enjoyed... Mainly those with Liam Neeson and the lessons he was trying to impart to Bruce Wayne. But you know what? I was really expecting some sort of visceral reaction when Batman appeared on the scene. A reaction which never really came. The best part for me was actually when Neeson said:

"It wasn't your fault your parents died."

"It was your father's."

Now that got my attention.

The problem with the Batman scenes was that I think for the character to work you absolutely must keep him in the shadows, shrouded by darkness. As soon as he steps out into the light he just looks like a wierd guy in a batsuit.

We'll see. Perhaps I needed something like this to ratchet down my insanely high expectations for this film.

It could also be that I may have a different reaction if I watch it again.

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