10 Possible Spin-Offs From Supernatural

Supernatural may be ending, but that doesn't mean we can't get more shows in this universe!

Since 2005, Supernatural has gone through various story arcs, introduced a vast array of new characters and worlds, and covered plenty of lore, among other things. Over the years, two spin-offs were attempted: Bloodlines, and more recently, Wayward SistersNeither came to fruition, but fans still hope a spin-off will arise, now more so than ever with Supernatural itself ending next year. Many fans are hoping Wayward Sisters will have another chance (a show starring Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster, among others), and other fans have proposed or seem open to other spin-off ideas. That said, here are some spin-off proposals (just in case any network is looking...).

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10 Young Bobby And Young Rufus

We all know ornery Bobby and equally cantankerous Rufus. The two have a heavy history of hunting together and a complicated but genuine friendship.

One great idea for a spin-off would be a show focusing on the early days of Bobby and Rufus hunting together, with the possibility of other hunters such as John Winchester and Ellen Harvelle being added to the mix. For the most part, the basis of the show would cover Bobby's and Rufus's adventures together as they hunted things such as pagan gods or creatures not focused upon in Supernatural. The opportunity to view the early days of Bobby, Rufus, and other hunters we've met in the course of Supernatural would be too good to pass up should it ever be actualized on-screen.

9 The RoadHouse

Ash Roadhouse in Supernatural

Fans would love to see a whole lot more of Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Garth, Charlie, and Ash... before they died, of course! The possibilities are endless. Would their cases intersect?

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How would they all know each other; how would they pair off? Would we learn more about them and their backstories? The Roadhouse crew, Charlie, and Garth are absolute fan-favorites, and it would be fantastic to see more of them (even if we have to wander into prequel territory to do it).

8 Dean Winchester After Supernatural

Most fans assume that at least one of the Winchesters will actually die in the finale... for good, this time. If that was Sam, it would be fantastic to see Dean in his own spin-off. Dean going off on his own (an idea briefly covered on the show when he was with Lisa) or otherwise forced to be on his own might be an introspective opportunity to see how Dean would live without Sam, whether Sam is dead or alive, and how his life would change without Sam's constant presence. Not to mention we may learn even more about Dean's character. However, this is possibly the least likely concept, as it's presumed that both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are done with the series.

7 The Men Of Letters

This would be a fantastic chance for a spinoff to get a little period-drama action going on. The Men of Letters have been discussed on Supernatural before, most notably with the introduction of Henry Winchester (Sam and Dean's grandfather) and his obvious distaste for hunters.

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Fans have learned some things about the Men of Letters through time travel and living in the bunker, but there are still so many mysteries to explore! This would provide a great way to look at a different side of monster hunting, and keep some Winchester characters, too. A series like this could be promising should it ever come to light.

6 Supernatural: The Next Generation

This show would center around young hunter Krissy Chambers (whom we met a few times on Supernatural) as a grown woman, balancing her day job and her night job (hunting), alongside a long-term relationship. When a new supernatural threat lurks on the horizon, Krissy's seemingly put-together life hangs in the balance as chaos surely ensues. Krissy will have to put her acquired skills to the test and pull a Winchester (in other words, save the world from impending doom). With a dosage of girl power and supernatural elements, this would be a debut that would be worth giving a try.

5 Supernatural: Heaven Is Real

Okay, who wouldn't want to see this Cheers-inspired version of Heaven featuring some of our favorite hunters? This show would be about hanging out with hunters like Ellen, Jo, and Bobby up in Heaven and seeing what they're up to (just another way to bring back these great characters for a spin off).

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Since Heaven always has something going on (whether it be wars, or Sam and Dean dying and then getting resurrected for the umpteenth time), we'd like to see what some of our favorite hunters are up to. It would surely heal the hearts of those who grieved when these characters died on Supernatural.

4 Castiel

Honestly, the options for a Castiel spin-off are endless. How about a prequel of Castiel's life and experiences before he ever met the Winchesters? Or what about a series that follows Castiel's relationship with Claire, the daughter of his vessel, Jimmy? Claire harbors anger towards Castiel for possessing her father, as her life has never been the same since. Examining their relationship more closely or introducing a prequel of Castiel's life experiences could each prove to be captivating spin-offs in their own right. We all love Castiel; a series centered primarily on him can't possibly be a bad idea.

3 Crowley

Crowley was undoubtedly a very popular character on Supernatural; fans were devastated when he was killed in the Season 12 finale. The accent, the coat, the calm yet iron-fist manner in which he ruled Hell as King were all memorable qualities.

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The audience would surely be interested in getting more of a background on Crowley himself. The series could focus on his rise from regular demon to the King of Hell. It could be about how he spends his time in Hell when he's not working with the Winchesters or even about what happened to him following his death. The options are limitless, and it'd be nice to have some flashbacks to Crowley as a human.

2 Rowena

Introduced in Season 10, Rowena was at first an antagonist that gradually became an ally for the Winchesters. Fashionable and knowledgeable about anything supernatural (she's a witch), Rowena has a way of being evil but also relatable at the same time. Really, she's a woman that was hurt badly and hasn't allowed herself to feel anything for anyone else (even her son Crowley for the longest time), so she resorted to her quest for power. A backstory of Rowena, say her early days of learning witchcraft or her life as a youngster (or a mix of both), could prove to be successful given the perfect writing team and cast. Having escaped plenty of scrapes and survived despite all the obstacles, Rowena's led an extraordinary life (and continues to do so).

1 John Winchester Prequel

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester in Supernatural

Another prequel option would be John Winchester in his early days, driving around the country with a young Sam and Dean. We've been offered flashbacks to Sam and Dean as children and have heard them tell stories of their childhood over the years. This series would offer us a firsthand exclusive to the two brothers growing up and offer a closer look at John as well. While the website said the challenge would be finding the right young actors to play Sam and Dean, it would still be an interesting concept to watch. Perhaps then we could have a deeper insight as to why Dean was always more obedient towards John and why Sam was more rebellious.

Each of these spin-offs certainly has potential, but until we hear otherwise from the networks, we'll have to absorb the remainder of Season 14 and all of Season 15 of Supernatural like it's the last product we'll ever see. Truly, Supernatural has introduced so many characters and story arcs, it's impossible to run out of ideas for a spin-off, or two, or ten. If any of these ideas hit the TV screen, we'll certainly be the first to know and the ones braving the endless commercials to watch live. After all, Supernatural and any spin-off thereof is more than worth it.

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