8 Horror Icons Almost Anyone Could Defeat

Chucky is a plastic doll with the soul of serial killer. Sure, he has a wife and kid now, but let's take it back to the beginning. If you're a kid and have to deal with Chucky, your small hands and general physical weaknesses are no match for China's plastic. Adults, however, should have no problem tearing apart Chucky. We've all seen people do some crazy stuff in TV and movies that could be used to help us kill him. Do it!

Take his body parts, split them up into different boxes and Megatron/Dexter him to the bottom of the ocean. Do something. Even if he has the soul of serial killer, he really is only plastic.

But what about the fact that he's small? Step on him. Do you really want to be the person your friends mock for being killed by a doll? They should and will. So how about everyone stops dying from an angry doll, okay?

Chance of defeating: 90%

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