8 Horror Icons Almost Anyone Could Defeat

Toby is the worst demon in the history of Hell. At first glance, Toby seems pretty terrifying (Paranormal Activity). Unfortunately, as we learn more about how he likes to make deals with witchy women for their first born sons (Paranormal Activity 2), you begin to notice that he spends way too much time hanging around little kids (Paranormal Activity 3) - even for a demon. Fact.

Nowadays Toby doesn't know what he is doing. After kidnapping "his" precious boy – which he waited almost 100 years for – he gave it up for adoption, allowed him to grow up, found out who adopted him, found another creepy kid, bought a house nearby and then had a bunch of witches move into the neighborhood. What kind of demon would do that? Loser demons. Loser demons who have nothing better to do than to follow one family for YEARS.

So how do you beat Toby? Find a better demon to make a deal with. Listen, not all demons are after first born sons. You'd be surprised how many demons and/or gods are completely happy with an animal sacrifice. And those demons cannot be bamboozled by a silly Microsoft Kinect (Paranormal Activity 4).

Chance of Defeating: 100%

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