10 Unique Halloween Costumes - Based On 2011 Movies

Bobby Pellitt, Horrible Bosses

Colin Farrell as Bobby Pellitt in Horrible Bosses

Arguably the funniest character in Horrible Bosses and of Colin Farrell's career is Bobby Pellitt. As the cocaine-addicted, greedy de facto boss of a chemical company, he is nasty and disgusting. But that's the beauty of the character. If anybody was built to be mimicked on Halloween, it's this guy. He may seem normal on paper, but a closer look proves him a hilarious outfit.

The red button-down has a giant snake on the back, sewn into the fabric. It's hard to find a clear photo of it, but if you can, give it the best re-creation you can. The kicker of this outfit is the hair, though. Get yourself a comb-over wig and wear it like you mean it. A gold, class-ring will be a nice subtle touch to the overall character, but if you want to get detailed spread some flour on your nose and mouth to suggest the cocaine problem. If you want to go tandem, you can ask your female friends to wear underwear and keep them under your arms all night.


Gnomeo, Gnomeo & Juliet

Gnomeo of Gnomeo and Juliet outfit

This costume can be achieved with a couple of unrelated items. The animated tale kept the hero's outfit simple, but it's an iconic look that many will recognize. After all, gnomes have become increasingly popular in commercials and now, movies.

To play the part of Gnomeo, you'll need to start with a blue dunce cap. A witch or wizard cap will do, but make sure it is plain and blue. A blue vest and white undershirt make the upper body simple, but the boots are necessary to complete the lower half. Other than the blue cap, you'll definitely need a brown belt with a 'G' buckle. These should be easy to find with the right effort.


Any character, Final Destination 5

Final Destination Movie Poster

In order to refrain from spoilers, no characters will be shown.

It's become standard for most characters in Final Destination films to get impaled by something. Why not carry this tradition on to real life with a clever, movie-related Halloween costume? It's a pretty easy one, actually. All you need is some body paste and any assortment of objects. Just be careful. We don't want you to hurt yourself, so if you want it to look super realistic, spend a little arts and crafts time painting styrofoam objects to look metallic.

Any object or shape works, as long as it looks like it is going straight through you. But Final Destination 5 was a 3D movie, so we suggest letting your impaled objects push outward towards those in front of you.


Hobo, Hobo with a Shotgun

Hobo with a Shotgun production still with Rutger Hauer, a shotgun and a guy in duct tape underwear

This one may seem like an easy costume, but it's not. You aren't going to be dressing like any old homeless man. This one is a little more specific. Make sure you can get a shopping cart to put a black plastic bag full of body parts in - that may not be a direct reference, but it plays the character well. But the real key here is to make a rubber manhole cover and put it around your neck. Add a (fake) shotgun and you are now Hobo with a Shotgun. A plaid shirt and tattered hoodie will make this a truly complete costume.

Other characters in the film can make for great costumes as well. Duct tape underwear makes for the most hilarious costume that nobody even needs to have seen the film to enjoy. If the entire hobo outfit is too much, you can just wear a fake manhole cover around your neck. You can also slick your hair back, wear some black sunglasses and a white/black letterman jacket to play those mischievous brothers.


The Crimson Bolt, Super

Rainn Wilson as The Crimson Bolt in Super

Rainn Wilson strapped on the homemade red outfit and tried his hand at being a superhero without powers in this low-profile film. Whether your friends know the movie or not, this is definitely going to get some attention. The outfit is silly and sloppy, but that's the beauty of it. With a little effort, you can make one for yourself, too.

What you'll need is a lot of red material. A long-sleeve red shirt and red pants will be good enough if you can find red pads for your shoulders, elbows and knees. Be sure to create a utility belt with a number of pockets for your belongings. The key to the costume, though is the logo on the front. He made it with paper, so you should have no problems. Just get some yellow paper and scissors and you'll be good to go. Bring a giant wrench for added effect.


Many of these costumes will require a lot of effort on your part, but if you want to be original, that's the cost. It's too easy to buy a pre-made costume at a Halloween shop, so why not put the extra effort in this year and impress your buddies? If you want to get a jump start on the inevitable Bane costumes that will litter 2012's Halloween, we will understand.

Feel free to add more costumes in the comment section below, or tell us what you'll be dressing up as this year.

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