10 Guest Stars We Forgot Were On Married With Children

When you’re on the air for over a decade, your show is bound to attract a few guest stars. Before the advent of eight thousand different ways to make your mark in the entertainment industry, aspiring stars only music, TV, or movies and that’s about it. So, when you got a chance to get your face out there, network TV was usually the best place to go. Movies are nice and all, but your face is only available to paying customers. On a network TV show, anyone and everyone - literally millions of viewers can see you instantly from the comfort of their living room.

Married...With Children was on the air for eleven seasons. The series featured a litany of guest stars from all walks of life. Since Al and his friends were would-be macho men, there were plenty of scantily-clad current and future stars, like Traci Lords running around. There were also some of the greatest sports stars of all time such as Kenny Stabler and Bubba Smith. Not to mention some of the funniest comedians at that time had strolled over to Jeopardy Lane to pay the Bundys a visit. Cheech Marin was the voice of the family dog; Buck and the bombastic Sam Kinison was the Al’s guardian angel. Here are 10 Guest Stars We Forgot Were On Married...With Children.

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10 Milla Jovovich

With the Bundys starving to death and eating leftover pizza crust for dinner, they decide to apply to be a part of the Foreign Exchange Program. Not for any altruistic reason, solely for the stipend they’ll receive for her! In “Fair Exchange,” Milla Jovovich guest stars as little Yvette, or “Why-Vette,” as Kelly pronounces her name at first. Bud is instantly smitten (can you blame him?), and Jovovich shows a playful side to her that is seldom seen in her action films.

9 Matt LeBlanc

In “Oldies But Young ‘Uns,” Al can’t remember the name a song he heard on the radio. Kelly’s new boyfriend, Vinny Verducci’s dad, who happens to be Al’s old friend, Charlie knows the name of every song ever made.

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Matt LeBlanc Will now forever be known for playing Joey Tribbiani on Friends, but before that, he was developing parts of that character as Vinny on several episodes of Married, along with two spin-offs - Top Of The Heap and Vinny And Bobby.

8 Tia Carrere

If you grew up in the nineties, chances are some of you felt like Wayne in Wayne’s World, upon first sight of the Hawaiian beauty, Tia Carrere. The stunner was a part of several popular movies from this era like True Lies and Rising Sun. Later years saw her in more family movies, using her island heritage to her advantage in films like Lilo And Stich. She also guest-starred in the episode, “Kelly Bounces Back,” as one of her fashion school competitors, Piper. She uses her feminine wiles to coax secrets out of Bud and steal a modeling gig from Kelly.

7 Jerry Springer

It makes perfect sense that one of the kings of schlock and shock TV would have had a guest-spot on Married. Jerry Springer turned his ringmaster persona on its ear when he played himself as “The Masculine Feminist.” In the episode, “NO MA’AM,” we meet plenty of Al’s friends for the first time and their newly formed group. After feeling like their male rights are being taken away, NO MA’AM kidnaps Springer and forces him to watch hours or pro-wrestling in order to make a man out of him. That did not age well.

6 Pamela Anderson

Before she was the undeniable goddess of the nineties, the Canadian cutie known as Pamela Anderson was starting on her acting career. Married...With Children realized that she would become the girl of a lot of people’s dreams, because her first appearance on the series was as one of Al’s dream girls.

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In “Al...With Kelly,” she plays Yvette, one the ladies who wants Al in a dream his sick daughter keeps waking him up from. She again would show up in one of Al’s dreams as Cashew, in a fantasy sequence in “Route 666, Part 2.”

5 B.B. King

The music legend and King Of Blues, B.B. King leant himself and Lucille to Married...With Children for the show’s take on Lady And The Tramp. In “Look Who’s Barking,” Buck feel neglected by his owners and sets out on his own to find food and girl dogs. King provides the backing vocals and music to Buck’s journey.

4 Tiffani Amber-Theissen

For anyone that though Kelly Kapowski was the sweet and innocent girl next door, check our Tiffani Amber-Theissen’s appearance as Heather McCoy in “What Goes Around, Came Around.” She played a girl who once humiliated Bud in the sixth grade and now she’s back, and she asked him out to the Reunion Dance. Bud has a revenge plan of his own up his sleeves. However, Heather still was able to get the better of Bud and humiliate him again. However, since making fun of Bud is Kelly’s job, Heather learns not to ever mess with a Bundy.

3 Bill Maher

After years of failing miserably on the dating scene, Bud decided to try his luck on a dating show; which is also the episodes title - “You Can’t Miss.” Bud gets to date a girl way out of his league and then return a week later to fight for her affections against an uber-hunk-mimbo, Rodrigo.

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Currently political pundit comic and host of Real Time, Bill Maher guest starred as the show’s host and “poor man’s Chuck Woolery,” Adam.

2 Keri Russell


Out of all the actresses who plays dimwits and airheads on the show, Keri Russell might be the only actress who didn’t come across as a dullard or a nympho. Perhaps that’s because she was starring in “Radio Free Trumaine,” where she was playing April Adams, a college girl dating both Bud and big man on campus Nikolai. The episode didn’t make the Pilot season, and watching Russell do her thing was great, but she did seem out of place on a show as crass as Married.

1 Chris Hardwick

Over the years, Chris Hardwick has turned his love of all things geeky, combined it which his penchant for comedy and has cultivated all of it into becoming the king of all of Nerd Culture. Shortly after he was the host of MTV’s dating show, Singled Out, he was part of Married’s “Spring Break” two-part episode. He essentially played a version of himself, hosting the Spring Break beauty competition.

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