10 Gilmore Girls Quotes We All Still Relate To

Gilmore Girls was a very unique show, in that it was a mixture of both comedy and drama in a perfect blend. The show had a style ad approach that was relatable not only for women, but for all of us.

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With this kind of premise, there were hundreds of moments where valuable life advice was imparted to the viewer, and these quotes have an evergreen quality that can still be relatable today. With Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life reminding us in 2016 why the show became so popular, it’s time to once again refresh our minds with some of the best quotes from the timeless show.

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10 "Reality Has No Place In Our World." - Lorelai

You’d think things would be very real for Lorelai (who became a mother when she was only 16), but the things that happened to the mother-daughter duo did seem far-fetched on occasion. For instance, the two went on a tour of Europe in the Season 3 finale, only to be busted for possession and being held for smuggling. No-one could’ve foreseen this, so Lorelai claiming reality doesn’t exist for them makes sense.

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Even in the real word, we find ourselves in situations that you just can’t foresee. When that happens, more often than not, we have this exact same thought. Sometimes, reality is the farthest thing away.

9 "People Can Live For A Hundred Years Without Living A Minute." - Logan

Gilmore Girls - A Year in the Life - Logan

A major theme in Gilmore Girls was the two main leads being forced to act as adults at a very young age. Lorelai had responsibilities due to becoming a mother, and Rory carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. That’s why Logan’s reflections that people don’t enjoy their youth feels so appropriate. In this scene, he attempted to get Rory out of her dull comfort zone to try something adventurous, following it up with this gem of a quote.

It was a good way to point out to young viewers at home that, while you should be mature with your decisions, it doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the few years of youth you have without really living it up and enjoying life.

8 "I Just Want You To Know I'm In. I'm All In." - Luke

Fans had been “shipping” Lorelai and Luke together for years before they finally became an item. They had their first date in Season 5, where Lorelai joked around about the first impressions they made on each other. Luke would unexpectedly recall a touching version of his point of view of their first meeting, which ended with him assuring Lorelai that he was completely invested in their relationship.

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For those people who have been fortunate enough to get together with the person they’ve liked for years, this quote was most definitely accurate. You don’t want to mess around or be casual when you’ve finally entered that relationship you’re certain is meant to be. It was the case for Luke and Lorelai, although it took a long time to get there.

7 "People Are Particularly Stupid Today. I Can't Talk To Any More Of Them." - Michel

Lorelai and Michel in Gilmore Girls

Some days, it just gets too much to have to talk to people who insult your intelligence. You just don’t want to put up with them any longer. It happens at work, at home, everywhere.

Michel wasn’t in any mood to be hounded by more people being stupid, so he decided he’d just altogether ignore the phone ringing. Of course, an inn does need customers and ignoring these potential customers won’t run a successful business; so, Lorelai reminded Michel (jokingly) he could either answer the calls or be out of a job. That seemed to do the trick. But we all can relate with Michel here.

6 "I Can Be Flexible, As Long As Everything Is Exactly The Way I Want It." - Lorelai

Luke’s and Lorelai’s First Kiss

Sometimes, being accused of something you're actually guilty of is an afront, because accepting it just a big blow to your ego. The same thing went for Lorelai, when Luke accused her of not being flexible. Her response was a pretty sassy one, where she pointed out that if things were going her way, she was a totally flexible person.

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Conducting ourselves according to the world’s needs gets tiring, and some people just don’t work this way. Instead, they prefer to have others work around their style. While this may make the person sound high-maintenance, wouldn’t it be perfect if people did what you wanted with no questions asked?

5 "I Want To Live My Life So I Can Read An In-Depth Biography About Myself In Later Years." - Paris

Paris was a classic Type A personality, with a very high-strung outlook over life. Her story arcs consisted of her coming up against reality and the world not living up to her lofty expectations. During one of these moments (where she and Rory bemoaned their failed love lives), Paris would confess her ultimate goal – to be significant enough to read a biography about herself.

Now that’s something we’d all like, wouldn’t we? No matter if you’re not as ambitious (or at times delusional) as Paris, it would be an achievement to have an autobiography of your life that validates you as someone whose opinion matters.

4 "Every Relationship Is Just A Big Honking Leap Of Faith." - Rory

Even if you settle into that “perfect” kind of relationship where everything might seem to be smooth sailing, you never know what secrets might emergefrom your significant other’s past. There’s sometimes a little bit of fear undercutting a relationship, and Rory had some choice words over this situation.

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It had to do with Lorelai freaking out over Luke having a 12-year-old daughter he’d never known about. Lorelai didn’t know how to process this enormous news. Rory calmed her a little by pointing out that every relationship in the world was a leap of faith, and Lorelai would just have to roll with it.

3 "I'm Here And Now, I'm Like Cheese." - Lorelai

Lorelai Dating Max Medina

The remarks some people make about you may cause you to feel inadequate. If this happens, remind yourself of this awesome quote made by Lorelai.

According to her, she’s like cheese. As everyone with a good knowledge of cheese will know, it only gets better with age. So, when Lorelai was taking her sweet time getting ready, she gave the best reason for her tardiness by proclaiming that she was worth the wait. Remember, the older you get, the more you’re like cheese, and who doesn’t want to be cheese?

2 "It's My Responsibility As Your Best Friend To Make Sure You Do Exciting Things Even When You Don't Want To." - Sookie

Gilmore Girls Pilot Sookie Lorelai

Everyone needs that one friend who makes them get out of their doldrums and do something exciting. Sookie and Lorelai were the best of friends, and the lack of their interaction was felt in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life as well. However, in the series itself, Sookie would be the source of comfort for Lorelai on more than one occasion.

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In this scene, Lorelai wasn't feeling up for a night out, and wanted to watch all the versions of A Star is Born instead. The funny thing is, Sookie wasn’t able to convince Lorelai to go out, and was the one convinced to stay in! However, she did provide Lorelai with the company she needed at that point.

1 "Think How Dull Your Life Would Be Without Me." - Jess

Out of all the main love interests Rory had on the show, Jess was the wildcard. He was the guy who was never the safe option, and yet he left a huge mark on Rory and the fanbase. Jess was the kind of guy who remained grounded and said things how they were.

This is why it’s appropriate that he would point out to Rory that life without him would be all kinds of dull. It’s something you’ll have to agree with even if you’re not on “Team Jess”. As far as real life is concerned, it really is worth pursuing a relationship that is both adventurous and exciting, and more than a few fans want a Jess in their own lives.

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