10 Familiar Faces of the Quentin Tarantino Universe

Quentin Tarantino's films are a compendium of historical cinematic influences, which have been whittled down into a comically savage movie-verse. It's populated by memorable (and off-beat) characters, who frequently engage in fierce discourse about subjects like pop culture and ethics through extended dialogue. No surprise, actors keep coming back to play in Tarantino's sandbox, again and again.

"10 Memorable Quentin Tarantino Movie Scenes" honors the filmmaker's highest achievements in writing and/or directing. In this new feature, we shine a light on the people who keep popping up in Tarantino's movies - playing an eclectic mix of profound criminals and survivalists - in honor of this week's Django Unchained, which features appearances from several of these same folk, as it were.

[For future reference: the following includes both titles which were written (but not directed) by Tarantino and full-fledged auteur projects alike.]

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10 Familiar Faces of the Quentin Tarantino Universe