10 El Camino Quotes That Will Stick With Us Forever

El Camino: A Breaking Bad MovieEl Camino is a fantastic follow-up to Breaking Bad, providing some closure for die-hard fans who wanted to know what happened to Jesse after he fled in Todd's El Camino, frantically laughing at the fact that he might finally be free.

The movie was intense all the way through as we watched where Jesse went after he drove off, saw some characters return to the fold, and learned more about what happened to Walter White's once partner-in-crime while he was kept captive by the Neo-Nazis who were forcing him to cook meth.

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While a lot was said throughout the movie, in both present time and flashbacks, there are a few quotes that will stick with us forever.

10 Doing Something Special

“You’re really lucky, you know that? You didn’t have to wait your whole life to do something special.”

In a flashback scene from the earlier days of Walt and Jesse’s operation, the pair have breakfast at the diner where they talk. It’s mostly about the future, about what they will do once they’ve made their money and are ready to leave the drug trade. Walt tries to convince Jesse to get his GED, and they innocently discuss the future as though this will be an in and out, make some quick money, deal.

But the most profound statement comes from Walt when he utters these words, which, in some ways, foreshadows what is to come. To Walt, what he’s doing is finally something special in his life. How could we not see that he would get totally sucked in?

9 Decide For Yourself

“I’ve gone where the universe takes me my whole life. It’s better to make those decisions for yourself.”

In another flashback scene, Jesse talks with his girlfriend Jane about life, and how she had once told him that she goes where the universe takes her. She admits that she has come to the realization that this philosophy is all wrong.

It’s one of those lines that really makes you think: should you let destiny take control, or are we in control of our own destiny?

8 Godspeed

“With a little luck, you will soon find yourself many miles from here. Godspeed to you.”

After sending Jesse on his way to Alaska, complete with a vehicle and a new identity, Ed wishes him well with this statement. It’s a great way to end the film, which itself is an extension of the popular TV series, providing real closure for Jesse’s character.

If there ends up not being another Breaking Bad-related film or series focused on Jesse, viewers can be satisfied with these final words, that while we might not know what happens to Jesse once he starts over, we know he’ll be miles away from that troubled past life.

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7 Get Help…Please

“Quit running and get some help.” 

In their tortured plea on the news, Jesse’s parents beg their son to turn himself in because the outcome will be better than remaining on the run. Mrs. Pinkman, his mother, chimes in with this line, just as Jesse tunes into the channel while frantically searching Todd’s apartment for the hidden money.

A twinge of guilt in Jesse’s eyes is apparent, though clearly he wasn’t prepared to do as they asked, and even called and used them to gain access to two guns later on.

6 You Did Your Best

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in El Camino Breaking Bad

“It’s probably too late to say this. I don’t know if it’ll mean much to you, but you did your best. And whatever happened with me, it’s on me. Okay? Nobody else.”

It was heartbreaking when Jesse spoke these words to his parents when he called them from a burner phone to ask them to meet up with him (at which point he entered their house when he knew they weren’t home to steal two guns.)

He clearly knew he would never see them again, and while he had nefarious intentions with the call, at least he gave them some type of closure, and made them know that they were good parents and tried their best with him.

5 Crickets

Jesse: “It’s quiet.” Ed: “Yeah. Figured you could use some of that.”

When Jesse arrives in the middle of nowhere with Ed, ready to start his new life, he gets out of the car and listens. And he hears…nothing. Compared to the chatter, gunshots, and constant torture (literally) Jesse had been through up until this point, it was a shock to the system.

Ed’s reply is perfect and suggests that he was worth every penny he costs for a new identity and getaway. Talk about great customer service.

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4 What’s Done Is Done

Jesse: “I want to put things right.” Mike: “Sorry kid, that’s the one thing you can never do.”

In a flashback scene where Jesse stands at the riverbank with Mike, talking about what they’ll do when they get out of the drug business, he asks Mike where he would go if he were his age, and what he would do. (For the record, he said Alaska).

Mike gives Jesse a rude awakening when he advises that while Jesse wishes he could put things right, that is sadly not a possibility. Little did they both know that there was no chance of either of them ever going back, nor making anything right.

3 I Love You, Man

Breaking Bad

“Dude, you’re my hero and s***.”

While Skinny Pete and Badger always showed how great of friends they were to Jesse, we always thought they saw one another as equals. Until this film, when Skinny Pete goes out of his way to help Jesse, even concocting an elaborate plan for him to escape that includes Pete taking some heat and lying.

When Jesse asks why’s he’s doing it, Skinny replies with this line. There’s a lot more admiration there than we realized from Breaking Bad.

2 Easter Eggs

“I was thinking Easter eggs, but lately, I’m thinking I might like to try some new paint. This stuff is starting to feel pretty tired.”

What’s so jarring about this statement is that you can’t help picturing the scene when it was spoken: Todd standing in his living room with a captive and broken Jesse, chatting him up as if a colleague had just come to his home for the first time for dinner.

In reality, Todd is a brutal, sociopathic killer who had a dead body in his kitchen a few feet away he was looking to dispose of…after he had a bite to eat, of course. It will send shivers down your spine just thinking about it.

1 Sized For Love

“Can’t help it that I’m sized for love.”

One of the few funny lines in the movie, while Skinny Pete is picking out some clothes to give to Jesse to wear, he notes that they will fit him perfectly, and jokes about Badger’s larger physique, referring to him as Sasquatch.

Badger innocently replies with this line. What does it mean? Who knows, but clearly Badger thinks that having more meat and being bigger in size, either circumference, height, or perhaps both, is what the ladies want.

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