10 Deadliest Shows on TV Revealed

Liam McIntyre in Spartacus: Vengeance Starz

Television is no longer the walk in the park that is used to be. With many series focused on solving murders (or committing them), the landscape of television has become, well, deadly. But which series are the deadliest?

In a study conducted by, which analyzed the deaths in 8 episodes of 40 TV shows, it was revealed that Spartacus: Vengeance and Game of Thrones came out on top, with an average of 25 and 13 dead bodies per episode, respectively.

For those not familiar with either series, those numbers do appear to be extremely high. Though with Spartacus: Vengeance focusing on the gladiator rebellion, and Game of Thrones highlighting the civil war between the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, it's not surprising to find these two series making the top of the list.

However, and perhaps most surprising, is that the jump from second to third goes from pay cable to broadcast television, thanks to CW's Nikita. Seeking her revenge on Division, Nikita averaged 9 deaths per episode. NCIS: Los Angeles followed in fourth place, with an average of 6 deaths per episode.

Of course, the land of television is no longer solely a human domain. Many series are now including vampires, zombies, werewolves, and every other preternatural creature in existence in their storylines. Sadly, the nighttime is no longer safe for those who go bump in the night.

Spartacus Vengeance

Coming out on top as the true monster killers on television is The Vampire Diaries, which only slightly bested The Walking Dead, with an average of 18 and 16 non-human deaths per episode, respectively. What about Supernatural? Unfortunately, Sam and Dean only averaged 1 non-human deaths an episode (3 human). Perhaps not the best score for television's best monster hunters.

Proving to be the safest series to exist in, Revenge, White Collar and Leverage all tied with 0 deaths – human and non-human. That doesn't mean that there aren't deaths on the series (fans of each can attest to that), it's just that they don't occur as often.

Besides highlighting television's decision to kill (almost) everyone, the purpose of the study was to discovery whether there was a correlation between the average number of deaths per episode and its popularity (there wasn't any). Additionally, they were interested to see how many of those deaths included a funeral or memorial service. Out of the 1,000+ dead bodies counted, only 8 received such a service.

The Walking Dead Zombie

Other than a sample body count for each series, there isn't really much information one can take from this study. The trend to include deaths on television isn't anything new - and with CBS' rule of at least 1 death per episode for their procedurals, you're always going to have someone dying.

So let's just all be safe and stay out of television series.


You can check out the 10 deadliest series below:

1 - Spartacus: Vengeance (STARZ)Avg. Deaths: 25

2 - Game of Thrones (HBO)Avg. Deaths: 13

3 - Nikita (CW)Avg. Deaths: 9

4 - NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)Avg. Deaths: 6

5 - Criminal Minds (CBS)Avg. Deaths: 5

6-9 (tied) Alcatraz (Fox); Breaking Bad (AMC); CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS); Homeland (Showtime)Avg. Deaths: 4

10 (tied) – CSI: Miami; Person of Interest; Rizoli & Isles; Dexter (Showtime)Avg. Deaths: 3


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