Surprise Cloverfield Sequel Trailer Attached to 13 Hours

A mystery trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane surprises moviegoers attending screenings of Michael Bay's 13 Hours. Is it the Cloverfield sequel?

Cloverfield 2 Wallpaper by Rob Keyes

Wow. Do we ever have something interesting, like J.J. Abrams' mystery box interesting, to dissect this evening...

Remember back in summer 2007 when Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay's first Transformers opened in theaters? Attached to that release was a surprise trailer for a mystery monster movie that revealed very little. Its thrilling found footage was accompanied by text that read “Produced by J.J. Abrams” and the release date “1.18.08." This of course was the beginnings of the viral hit Cloverfield. And J.J. Abrams may have just done it again... for its sequel.

Nearly nine years later, with the same studio and same director, Abrams' Bad Robot managed to secretly attached a trailer for something called 10 Cloverfield Lane to Michael Bay's 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi which opened in theaters this evening.

The movie was not officially announced or titled before but it is an Abrams-Bad Robot production. And given that information, how and when it was released, its secrecy, its title, and the following description - this seems to be the long overdue Cloverfield 2 we've been waiting years for. Check out this reaction video by Max van Dongen:

Dongen isn't too far off in the name "Cloverfield" which was originally just one of many codenames the first film directed by Matt Reeves was titled. It was reportedly the name of the street near Abrams' Santa Monica office though, which gives the new title - which again, may be temporary - some meaning. It could also be a throwaway mystery by Bad Robot to garner hype and throw people off. Then again, under the circumstances, if this turns out not to be Cloverfield 2 then they're creating a negative perception through disappointment.

From what Dongen says, that John Goodman is in the trailer, it's very likely 10 Cloverfield Lane is the same mystery project Dan Trachtenberg (Totally Rad Show) has been secretly working on for Bad Robot that's set to release in 2016 but was working under the title Valencia. It must be. Since the trailer is in theaters, expect it to release online very soon.

Update: For more, check out Gor The Movie God's trailer description (skip 90 seconds in) - this one confirms Mary Elizabeth Winstead is in the trailer too, so yes, this is Trachtenberg's work:

Cloverfield launched the feature career for Reeves and could offer the same opportunity to Trachtenberg who was previously attached to Universal's Crime of the Century back in 2011 and more recently, Y: The Last Man in 2013, both of which unfortunately didn't go anywhere.

Update: Official 10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer & Details HERE

10 Cloverfield Lane / Valencia / Cloverfield 2 opens in theaters March 2016.

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