10 Childhood Halloween Specials No Longer on TV

Mad Monster Party

Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass may be known best for their Christmas special, but they did much more than spread tales of Rudolph, Kris Kringle, and the Miser Brothers.

Serving as a full-length feature-film, Rakin and Bass bring their stop-motion animation to the familiar monsters of Halloween, along with the voices of Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller. When Boris von Frankenstein decides to retire, his nephew, Felix, is set to take over his uncle's monster business.

Unfortunately for Felix, his kind, human demeanor forces the rest of the monsters to team up against him in order to use Frankenstein's latest machine for their own bidding. Just put one foot in front of the other... and kill Frankenstein's nephew.

Where to watch it: YouTube

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