10 Childhood Halloween Specials No Longer on TV

Mr. Boogedy

If you grew up in the generation of Boogedy, this Halloween staple is something that you definitely remember - even if those memories are skewed by childhood. Originally airing as the Disney Sunday Movie, Mr. Boogedy follows a novelty gift salesman as he and his family move into a new house haunted by the spirit of a colonial ghost.

While "beware the Boogedy man" may have once terrified an entire generation enough to garner a sequel, Bride of Boogedy, it's almost impossible to be frightened by the movie nowadays.

Still, owning a gag-gift store would be pretty fun - and not just because they can be used to battle ghosts. Hear that, Toby from Paranormal Activity? That's how we made waste of evil spirits back in the day... with rubber vomit and whoopie cushions.

Where to watch it: Vimeo and YouTube

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