10 Characters We Hope Appear In She-Hulk

She-Hulk Comic Book Characters

With all of the announcements from Disney’s D23 came the news of a few new Marvel series coming to Disney+. Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the next few years.

She-Hulk isn’t simply a female version of the Hulk. A lawyer by day, Jennifer Walters also participated in heroics with superhero teams like the Avengers and A-Force. For a time in the comics, she specialized in superhero law, defending many of her heroic friends in court. Jennifer Walters also worked as a bounty hunter for a short time. With her involvement in so many comic book stories, there are plenty of Marvel characters who could join her in her new series.

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She-Hulk VS Titania In Animation
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10 Titania

She-Hulk VS Titania In Animation

Titania, real name Mary MacPherran, grew up idolizing superheroes. Bullied for her small stature and lack of strength, she jumped at the chance to gain superhuman abilities when Doctor Doom offered them to her.

She-Hulk doesn’t have a large rogues gallery, but Titania is at the top of her list of enemies. She’s one of the few villains who has returned to challenge She-Hulk on the page and in animation again and again. It’s hard to imagine She-Hulk in live action without Titania’s human alter ego appearing at the very least.

9 Angie Huang

Angie Huang In She-Hulk Marvel Comics

The most well known of Jennifer Walters’ stories involve her She-Hulk persona practicing law. Angie Huang’s time in Marvel Comics began just a few years ago in 2014 as a paralegal working with Jennifer.

Angie and Jennifer were friends, but more than that, Angie added a bit of magic to Jennifer’s storylines. While the idea of She-Hulk is rooted in science fiction, Angie had a lot of mystical leanings. Not only could she detect when magic influenced those around her, but she could also plant suggestions into people’s minds and see into the past. Angie also had a capuchin monkey that went everywhere with her, so she would certainly add an interesting vibe to the series.

8 Jessica Jones

Over the years, Jennifer Walters has made a lot of heroic friends. She even ran with the all female team of heroes known as A-Force for a while. Jessica Jones wasn’t a member of A-Force, but she and Jen did maintain a friendship. Jennifer even babysat Jessica and Luke Cage’s daughter every so often.

Complicating the possibility of this appearance, of course, is that Jessica Jones is one of the characters who had her own Marvel series on Netflix already. It’s unclear if or when the characters from the Netflix arm of the MCU will be able to appear in more properties. Fans can still wish to see this friendship come to life on Disney+.

7 Foggy Nelson

Matt Murdock And Foggy Nelson In Daredevil

If fans are going to wish for Netflix characters to pop up on the show, why not one who could actually appear in a courtroom? Jennifer Walters is known for taking on the cases of powered people in the comics. It’s a little more likely to think we could see Foggy battle her in court rather than the other half of Nelson and Murdock.

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6 Bruce Banner

Mark Ruffalo As Bruce Banner

While the audience hasn’t learned much about Bruce Banner’s family in the MCU, in the comics, readers know that Bruce and Jen are cousins. It’s Bruce giving Jen a blood transfusion when she needs emergency surgery that gives her the ability to Hulk out.

Depending on just when the Disney+ series is set in the MCU, the writers could provide a twist on her comic book origin story with the help of Dr. Banner. The audience doesn’t need his constant presence, but a cameo or a passing of the torch to She-Hulk would be a nice touch.

5 Nick Trask

If She-Hulk plays close to the character’s comic book origins, Nick Trask, or someone like him, is a must. Trask was a shady businessman in the 80s comics, and an enemy of Jen’s father.

In addition to trying to steal from Roxxon, Trask had an affinity for snakes, and liked to invent his own machinery to battle superheroes. He was the man responsible for the death of Jen’s mother, and his men were the ones who put a bullet in Jennifer - making the blood transfusion from her cousin necessary.

4 Colleen Wing

Colleen Wing As Iron Fist

If there’s one complaint from long time fans of the Netflix shows, it’s that Iron Fist didn’t live up to its potential. Colleen Wing was a bright spot in the show, and by the end of the series, she held the power of the Iron Fist in her glowing katana.

If only one character from the Netflix series can be used, let it be Colleen. Fans never got to see her as a proper superhero, and a team up between two women who just want to do some good in the world is something everyone would enjoy.

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3 Donnie Gill

Since there aren’t a lot of members of She-Hulk’s rogues gallery, the choices are pretty slim for her own villains for the series. Titania is her biggest recurring villain. Otherwise, Jen typically gets stuck facing off against leftover Avengers villains. One of those is the Blizzard.

Donnie Gill isn’t always a villain in the comics, and in fact, teamed up with the hero once or twice. He also happens to already exist in the MCU. A former S.H.I.E.L.D. cadet, he was left frozen over at the bottom of the ocean during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season two. Fans would love to see him in action again, and with his (small) comic book history with Jen, this might just be where they can.

2 Jazinda

Jazinda In She-Hulk Marvel Comics

Introduced to Marvel comics in the mid 2000s, Jazinda doesn’t have decades of comic book history to pull from. She did, however, spend quite a bit of time working with Jen. A Skrull exiled from her own planet, Jazinda became a bounty hunter with Jen for a short while.

The two enjoyed antagonizing one another, and one of Jazinda’s favorite shapes to shift was Jen herself. Jazinda had feelings for Jen, but they were never addressed in the comics. The series could remedy that, especially since Captain Marvel made Skrulls on Earth a part of the MCU.

1 Alicia Masters

Alicia Masters And Benn Grimm Fantastic Four Wedding Special

The recent Fantastic Four Wedding Special revealed that Alicia and Jen happened to be close enough for the latter to be invited to a bachelorette party. A friendship with Alicia Masters might be a good way to slowly introduce some of those FOX properties acquired by Disney.

The show doesn’t need to address the Fantastic Four, of whom She-Hulk was a temporary member, subbing in for Ben Grimm. If it introduced Alicia first, the series could begin laying the groundwork for Ben and Alicia’s relationship, and the Fantastic Four, somewhere down the line.

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