10 Catchiest TV Theme Songs of the 2000s [Updated]

6. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


I could only find the full version of this song on YouTube, but the extended length is almost funnier to listen to than the shortened version that's actually attached to the show. While The Big Bang Theory's theme mirrors that show's characters, the sweeping strings and classical quality of this theme could not be more opposed to the actions and personalities of the five self-centered jerks who are only out for themselves. Lucky for us, the effects of their actions are typically hilarious.

5. Smallville (Fan-made credits for the 10th season)

Smallville Season Finale


I've stuck with this show through the very brief good times, through the bad times, and now to the "even worse" times. But one thing has remained consistent: Remy Zero's soaring rock theme, "Save Me." If nothing else, this song inspires my belief that "hey, maybe this episode will be good." Whether or not the show still attains that goal, I'll leave to you.

4. Scrubs

Scrubs is the number 4 catchiest theme song on the list

I was never a big fan of this show, but the theme has always struck me as particularly effective. It's almost absurdly short, but it accomplishes everything it needs to in the time that its given and sets the for a show that alternates between high comedy and emotional toil.

3. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is the number 3 catchiest theme song on the list

Another song which doesn't revel in length, this one instead relies on its exuberant nonsensical vocals to lure the audience into a recreated world of stories told from memory. It's almost meta, when you think about it: perhaps Bob Saget's version of Ted can't remember the words to the song when he recounts it to his children. I look at this song as a microcosm of the entire show; the words aren't nearly as important as the feeling of friendship and unity the music inspires. Sometimes the details take a back seat to the big picture.

2. The Office

The Office is the number 2 catchiest theme song on the list

When The Office was at its peak of popularity, you'd be hard pressed to find a TV-watching American who didn't at least have a passing recognition of this theme song. The pulsing drums eventually giving way to a full band, highlighted by an accordion (!) and bookended with the light touches of the piano... what a great song. My love for this show has grown cold, but I've still got the hots for this theme.

1. Boston Legal

Boston Legal is the number one catchiest theme song on the list

The funky guitar and soulful vocal bursts in the background earn this the top spot on my list. Even though Boston Legal went off the air back in 2008, I still occasionally find myself humming this song for no apparent reason. Webster's needs a revision because this, my friends, is the definition of catchy. This song is so catchy in fact, that one of the show's characters (albeit one who is borderline insane) proved my point by singing along with it late in the third season.

Jerry's version


True Blood

Many of you pointed this out and we completely agree: the theme for HBO's True Blood has everybody singing like honky tonk country musicians these days...gotta have it on the list.

So, without further ado:

true blood season 3 clips images trailers news


Well, there you have it. Did I leave anything off the list? Which themes do you get stuck in your head that aren't featured here? Remember the criteria, and let me know what you think in the comments section.

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