This image released by Lionsgate shows Michiel Huisman, left, and Blake Lively in a scene from "The Age of Adaline." (Diyah Pera/Lionsgate via AP)

A freak accident leaves a young woman without the ability to age. Doesn't sound like a bad problem to be young forever, but Blake Lively makes you feel the struggles and sadness Adaline is going through. She's always on the run and has given up on finding love.

This is

a beautifully shot movie. Director Lee Toland Krieger moves does a great job of telling the through the changing styles and spectacular visuals of old and new San Francisco. It's one of those rare romantic movies where sex, violence, or bad language don't make an appearance. Even though it's fairly predictable how the story ultimately will end, the journey to it is satisfactory and filled with a genuine and sweet moments.

The film's old fashion portrayal of dating is timeless. It's definitely one of the better romantic movies of the year.

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