10 Best Couples On 90 Day Fiance (So Far)

Of all the TLC reality shows, one that has caught everyone's eye is 90 Day Fiance. The series, which has been on the air since January 2014, is about engaged couples who have more to worry about than seating charts and cake flavors. One half of each couple is foreign, and if the couple doesn't choose to tie-the-knot before their K-1 visa is up, they aren't allowed to be in the U.S. anymore.

After six seasons, fans are familiar with the couples who they have really responded to. Here are the 10 best couples on 90 Day Fiance.

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10. Anfisa And Jorge (Season Four)

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Anfisa and Jorge are a fan favorite, evidenced by this Reddit thread where a fan mentioned them. Their love story took off when the two actually met on Facebook when she was living in Russia and he was in California.

As it turns out, these two have been going through some tough times recently, and Jorge pleaded a Class 4 felony in Arizona.

As he told Us Weekly, he's still married to Anfisa: "There’s really nothing wrong in our relationship right now, we’ve been really good these last couple months, I mean, she’s been here supporting me through this whole journey, and she’s gonna be with me throughout this whole process and after that, too. I really don’t see us splitting up!”

9. Colt And Larissa (Season Six)

Colt and Larissa may be fairly new to the show since they appeared on the sixth season, but they have made quite an impact. What a story they have: after the Las Vegas resident Colt connected with Larissa, who was living in Brazil, on an online dating site, he knew fairly quickly that he wanted her to be his wife. In fact, he proposed when they had been a couple for just 11 days. Yes. 11 days.

Recently, the couple has been in the news because Larissa was arrested in October 2018. According to E! News, Larissa's mom said, "Larissa suffers from depression and very bad anxiety. She works herself up to an emotional breakdown. My son usually takes care of it but a few of you decided to get the police involved and they took her to jail. What wonder [sic] fans she has." We wish them the best and hope that things will be okay.

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8. Jon And Rachel (Before The 90 Days)

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Fans are definitely interested in a real romance on a reality show like this one. Amidst all of the drama with the other couples, Jon and Rachel fit the bill perfectly and made it onto our top 10 best couples list.

According to Newsweek, "They’ve been clear about their passion for each other on social media, regularly posting pictures together. After their wedding aired on the TLC reality show, but Rachel and Jon posted images from their nuptials. If that weren’t enough, they even have an Instagram page solely dedicated to their 'fairytale.'"

We have to love that, right?! They couldn't possibly be any more adorable.

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7. Aziza And Mike (Season One)

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We all love a happy ending, and when a reality show is about couples who are deciding about whether they should get married, that's really what we're watching for. Okay, so we also want some super dramatic scenes, but luckily every couple on 90 Day Fiance has given us those.

Aziza and Mike are one couple from the first season who are still married and are about to be parents. We'll recall that Mike, living in Cleveland, and Aziza, who was in Russia, crossed paths on a language website.

In September 2018, Reality World reported that this couple was pregnant with their first child: "In one picture, Aziza and her husband Mike posed together, while Aziza also shared an individual photo of herself holding onto her stomach. Mike posted one of the sweet images on his own Twitter account, writing, 'Coming 2019.'"

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6. Russ And Paola (Season One)


Out of all the season one couples, Russ and Paola also made it into the 'top 10 best couples' list. Russ and Paola crossed paths when Okaholma resident Russ was in Colombia on business, where Paola was living. The now married couple lives in Miami because Paola is a model.

According to Reality TV World, Russ has called his wife, "my first, my last, my everything." We have to admit, that is incredibly sweet to hear, and amidst all of the drama on this show, it's nice to hear a heartwarming story about one of the couples and their love for one another.

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5. Kyle And Noon (Season Three)

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Another fan favorite couple mentioned on RedditKyle and Noon had to make our list of the '10 best couples from 90 Day Fiance.' As one fan wrote, "Kyle and Noon are just so cute, loving and respectful with each other."

We'll recall that Kyle was living in New Orleans and Noon was living in Bangkok when they started talking. He went to Bangkok, they met, and then she moved to the U.S.

Fans are fascinated by which couples from the show are still married today and who has made the choice to split up. Thankfully, this pair is still husband and wife.

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4. David And Annie (Season Five)

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David and Annie are another couple who fans were always interested in watching.

Annie was only 24 when she was living in Thailand and came across 48-year-old Kentucky resident David in a bar. They're still married, although there was always a lot of drama between the two of them when they were on the show.

As Romper wrote, "When fans initially met the couple during their engagement, David's credit card was declined when she tried to buy a wedding dress, just to give you an idea of how early these issues began for them." This is one of those things that is tough to go through IRL, but does make for good reality television.

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3. Paul And Karine (Before The 90 Days)

Paul, from Louisville, and Karine, from Brazil, are one of the most well-known couples from 90 Day Fiance, and for that reason, they deserved a spot on this list of the 10 best couples from the show.

As a fan put it on Redditthey are popular "for bringing the crazy." Reality TV fans often are drawn to shows and people who are more wild and interesting, rather than boring. After all, dull doesn't make for great television, whether the stories are fictional or real.

As Us Weekly reported this past fall, Karine and Paul are expecting. In another Reddit thread, someone wondered if the relationship is "toxic" and has "a lack of trust" because Paul requested a DNA test.

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2. Pedro And Chantel (Season Four)

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When Pedro and Chantel first met, it was in the Dominican Republic. He was living there and Chantel had traveled there from Georiga. There were a lot of dramatic moments between the two of them, including where to get married: she was thinking that her relatives would assume he was only looking to marry her to move to the U.S., whereas he had his sights set on two weddings (in the Dominican Republic and the U.S.).

Pedro and Chantel made the list and take the number two spot. These days, the couple is living as husband and wife in Georgia.

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1. Amy And Danny (Season Two)


Amy and Danny are the 90 Day Fiance couple who have made it to the number one spot. As this fan said on Reddit about their favorite couple on the show, "Mine was Amy and Danny - last I heard they had some babies.. they were so sweet and genuine I miss them!!"

Fans will remember that Amy relocated from Cape Town to where Danny's place of residence (Pennsylvania) is, and even moved in with Danny's brother so they could move in together after getting married.

These days, they live in Texas and are parents to two kids: a son and a daughter. Awww.

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