1 star movies

'Devil's Due' Review

Consider this one stillborn, and put your faith in better horror offerings to come. The devil is in ever viewing this.

Getaway Movie Review

'Getaway' Review

Solomon's direction is so amateurish that Getaway fails to even provide serviceable B-movie thrills - and leaves you wondering if this flick would even pass Film School 101 standards.

Sarah Hyland in 'Scary Movie 5' (Review)

'Scary Movie 5' Review

Scary Movie 5 is a dumbed down and hollow version of the core formula - resulting in an idiotic (and unamusing) attempt at parody that is tedious not fun.

'Project X' Party [Review]

'Project X' Review

Project X says nothing meaningful about its subject matter, and instead paints teens as an unlikeable and, worse yet, reckless bunch of automatons.

Apollo 18 Review

'Apollo 18' Review

Is the latest found-footage horror movie, 'Apollo 18' (this time in space) as entertaining as similar films, 'Paranormal Activity' and 'The Blair Witch Project,' or is this genre finally played-out? Read our review.

Priest 3D Review

'Priest' Review

Is 'Priest' the guns-blazing action Western that moviegoers were praying for - or a comic book adaption that will cause audiences to lose further faith in Hollywood? Read our review to find out.

'Little Fockers' Review

The all-star cast of 'Little Fockers' not only sucks the last bit of life out of the tired 'Meet the Parents' franchise, but manages to besmirch their own careers in the process.