Gael Garcia Bernal to Play Futuristic Zorro in ‘Zorro Reborn’

Published 3 years ago by , Updated July 31st, 2013 at 9:55 am,

About a year ago we reported on Zorro Reborn, Fox’s reboot of the Zorro franchise, be set in a post-apocalyptic future. That premise was…intriguing? However, more reassuring is the studio’s choice of lead actor to play the iconic Spanish hero: Gael Garcia Bernal, the star of such films as Babel, The Motorcycle Diaries and Y Tu Mamá También. 

Bernal is a talented actor, to say the least, and has proven himself a capable leading man. There are few known details about the film’s plot, beyond the futuristic setting. Variety reports that it won’t be set in California or Mexico – which would make sense, considering that if the movie is set in the future it would negate the whole Spanish Colonial period context of the Zorro mythos.

An LA Times quote from last year described this incarnation of Zorro as, “less a caped crusader for justice than a one-man vigilante force bent on revenge, in a western story that has echoes of both Sergio Leone and ‘No Country for Old Men’.” Bringing that tale (and narrative tone) to life are Glenn Gers (Fracture) and the writers of the upcoming Dracula re-imagining Harker, Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy. At the very least, the trio are all experienced with writing films of a darker tone. However, their ability to craft a smart Western in the vein of Sergio Leone or Cormac McCarthy remains to be seen.

We’ll keep you posted on the development of Zorro Reborn.

Source: Variety

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  1. Oh hooray! Another mindless rehashed “one man force bent on revenge” reboot! And it’s in a post apocalyptic setting! *cough cough* LAME *cough cough* Come on, bring back Antonio Banderas!

    • They could have just made a sequel with antonio instead of the lame reboot

  2. I can understand doing a reboot but why in a post apocalyptic future?

    • Because hasn’t everyone been just screaming for a Mad max character with a Zorro angle?! I know I’VE been secretly wishing for something like this. /rolls eyes.

      Speaking of Mad Max, whatever happened to that reboot?

      • The Mad Max sequel goes into production this year. Summer/Fall.

  3. Eh, it’s Zorro. If he can survive the Gay Blade, he can survive being Batman Beyond-ed.

  4. They picked a seriously amazing actor to star in a ridiculous film. Whatever, hope it works.

  5. Sorrow in the future, and not in Mexico or California. Yeah that makes sense :P

  6. Wow just wow! I’m happy for Gael. He is a great actor and a leading role like this is exactly what he needs. But seriously why try to use the Zorro character for something so bizarre! Zorro is al about the colonial situation Mexico was in at the time. You take that away he’s just another vigilante!

    What Hollywood is capable of doing just because they are scared of new properties failing! :-S

  7. Uuhhh…what?

    • THIS…. is my EXACT thought as I read this article :-D WOW that… that is just…. AWFUL…. I’m talking Maggie Gyllenhaal awful

      • How dare you, Maggie Gylenhaal is a great actress and freakin adorable as well.

        • Adorable, he says. If you call a melting goo, Droopy from Looney Tunes-type face adorable…

          Great actress, he says…

  8. Cool.

  9. what? Why? count me out! unless im blown away by trailers and reviews i will just pretend this doesnt exist

  10. Why don’t they just title the movie “ZORRO: CRAP” because that what this sounds like.

  11. I mean, JASON X was set in the future and everyone loved it, right?……right?

    • (*ominous sound of crickets chirping*)

  12. Well, then, it’s NOT really Zorro now! Is it?!! Stop trashing my childhood heroes, damn it!!!

    • Ditto. Zorro was not a ‘vigilante’. He was a man of the people, protecting the people, and tweaking the royals in the process. Like a Spanish Robin Hood.

  13. there are characters that can’t exist on the silverscreen because the market is too narrow to welcome several nuance of the same archetype: zorro simply can’t exist in a modern setting without competing with batman . same things for the shadow, the phantom and half a dozen vigilante it doesn’t matter if they preceded batman or not, there is only one vigilante for the movie audience.

  14. I don’t get it….moving him into the future kind of negates the whole angle of bumbling yet lovable aristocrat by day and charming masked swashbuckler at night…which is kind of a huge part of Zorro. I could understand moving it to modern times or future civilizations like Batman Beyond or that junky Zorro in the future cartoon or even Phantom 2040 but putting him in essentially a nuclear winter wild west seems odd.

  15. Great. Another stinker waiting to be made. Easy pass. I just hope at the very least they’ll get one of the talented Mexican directors to make this film and not some Hollywood douche type.

  16. eh. Why not lol if anything it will facilitate another awesome Batman Begins esque reboot that’s more faithful.

  17. Mexico and California don;t exist after the apocalypse?

    And Banderas is too old too play an action star, guys.

  18. I’m not as down on this as everyone else. Many post-apocalyptic settings have spiritual links to westerns (Mad Max, in some ways, was a wandering cowboy, and the Wasteland and Fallout series also have that same sort of mystique). The key is to see whether or not there’s a group which is “recolonizing” the wasted world. If so…maybe the character translates. I’m keeping more of an open mind about this than I did about the most recent Three Musketeers.

    “And Banderas is too old too play an action star, guys.”

    Nah. I don’t think he could be Zorro (who I picture as a young member of the ruling elite who turns against them), but Eastwood proved that you can eb old and still an action hero. I bet Banderas could have one last action movie in him, if he wanted.

  19. The New Zorro Should Be Enzo Zelocchi and Not Gael Garcia Bernal.

    The film Zorro or the story itself has been the subject of many.
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    in 1919. There has since been many TV and movie appearances of Zorro.
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    to be reproducing a 21st century version of the masked bandit hero, but.
    the issue remains of who take the starring role. Some say that Gael.
    Garcia should be the one to take the starring role for marketing.
    reasons, but with the more recent accomplishments of Enzo Zelocchi it is.
    a sure bet that he should be the one to get the starring role and he.
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    Why Enzo Zelocchi Should Be Zorro.

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    When Will Sobini Films Start Production.

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    assured that Enzo is at the top of the list for many of the Hollywood.
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  21. I always try to have hope for all reboots and movies that are coming out, even though this does sound pretty ridiculous in many ways i am looking forward to seeing Zorro again and played by an entirely new actor and within an entirely new background. I hear this actor is good so hopefully he’ll do the role justice.